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46 games in, report for Jonathan Ori


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At the 18 game mark we reported on Ori's progress and while we meant to do the next report at 36 games, we weren't able to and now here we are at 46. Regardless lets see how he's doing. First off lets look at the Titans themselves, the team only today got win number ten, giving them a record of 10-31-5. The team is rebuilding hard and their record is the worst in the league. The leading scorer on the team is Gustav Hjalmarsson with just 42 points. This is just to paint the picture the team is in. Now onto Ori, he's got 15 points, 12 assists and 3 goals, two of his goals were on the power play. Because of the status of the team even as Ori's play might get better on a individual level it's unlikely that the second half of the season sees him scoring a lot more points like how the VHLM went for him last season.


Now of course what about faceoffs? Ori's game has always been more than just the points. He's taken the second most on the team at 945, his win percentage is 46.67, which is second best on the team. Again as we said last time you want it above 50 percent but we can forgive him, it's his rookie season, he's still learning to play at VHL level. Sadly it goes without saying to that there's no way he wins rookie of the year, but we get the feeling Ori is okay with that.


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