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Alessandro Nano Prospect Scouting Report


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Alessandro Nano D

6'2 210 pounds┬á­čç«­čç╣





Alessandro Nano is in his VHL draft year after being selected overall in the VHLM draft this past offseason which surprised alot of people as he was expected to go lower.   Going into his VHL draft, Alessandro currently is ranked 8th overall and the second highest defenseman.  Alessandro is the son of former VHLer Paolo Nano who spent most of his career in Moscow who was an offensive defenseman.


Checking is one of the stronger parts of Alessandro's game.  He isn't afraid to take his man out with a big body check.  As of this report Alessando sits 4th in the VHLM in hitting, sitting behind 3 Mississauga players who seem to hit everything that moves.


As a defense first type of dman,  this is another aspect of Alessandro's game that will take him to the next level.  He uses his smart positioning and decision making to cut down on the space opposing towards have in the offensive zone.


Passing is one of the stronger non defensive related skills that Alessando possesses.  Hes not gonna be an elite offensive dman but he has a good first pass that can help his team breakout.  He has 30 assists so far this season in the VHL with just 5 goals so he's going to be more of a playmaker than a finisher from the Blueline.  His passing is rated at 60 which is pretty good for a VHLM defenseman.


Because of Alessandro's physical play on the ice he takes alot of penalties.  This is a major downside of his game as he is a defensive defenseman he's the one that should be out there killing penalties instead of taking them.  That said, there should be no correlation from checking to penalty minutes but for some reason referees call more penalties on guys that hit and let the weaker players get away with murder.


Alessandro doesn't have the greatest shot from the Blueline and is more of a passing type defenseman.  With just 5 goals so far this season on 64 shots he's definitely not a goal scorer.  He has been rated 70 in the scoring which ranks him 4th on the mauraders in that category.  Alessandro does just enough to get by in the offensive end.


Alessandro isn't the greatest skater and that's definitely something he needs to work on.  His skating has been graded at 70 overall which again thanks him 4th in that category.  He doesn't join the rush so he doesn't need that too end speed that offensive defenseman need but he still needs to work on his skating to have more success in his career.

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