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Scouting report - Jonathan Ori


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Jonathan Ori

C | 6'2" | 205 lbs

21 years old | Canada, British Columbia

Drafted 9th overall by the Minnesota Storm


Over season 78 we watched a Ori transition from playing the BCHL to the VHLM and while he isn't dominating like he did back in the BCHL he did show lots of improvement through the season. In the second half of the season he put up 27 points compared to the 13 he had in the first half, the player has promise but are his strengths and weakness? We have the report to help viewers understand the kind of forward Ori is. To cover a bit more of his time in the M Ori took over 1600 faceoffs and a win percentage over 60%. Ori's efforts helped the Storm finish third overall in the VHLM, two points behind Halifax and seven behind Yukon. His effort in the playoffs help them make it to the finals, 12 points in 14 games, more than 500 faceoffs taken and 63 win percent on them. Ori played a very important role on the team.



Faceoffs: We think it goes without saying but faceoffs have been the strongest part of his game, managing above a 60% win rate in both the regular and playoffs and he took more 2100 faceoffs in total. Ori is the guy for you to win faceoffs and it's the best part of his game.


Passing: While we mentioned Ori's point totals they are heavily one sided, his passing game is top tier. Out of his 40 points 36 of them are assists and in the playoffs he had 9 assists out of 12 points. His game is to win the faceoff and pass a teammate the puck and create plays with his ability to find a pass.


Skating: For one last notable skill, Ori's skating his slick and smooth. He's able to keep up with the faster players and he's great at repositioning quickly. He's always where you need him to be.



Scoring: It should be pretty clear that with his past first playstyle that his goal scoring is rather low. Just seven total goals in 86 games across regular season and playoffs. He often passes when he should have taken the shot.


Checking: Despite Ori being a fairly big player with weight to throw around, he doesn't. He's more of a clean player but it can be frustrating when he isn't pushing back physically.


Fighting: Same as before Ori isn't the best at fighting nor does he like to take them. While leadership isn't an issue not taking fighting means he can fail to wake up is team so to speak.


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