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Malmo continues to cruise


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     Malmo have continued to make big strides this season. From the rise of the offence to the powerhouse it is today, to the newly improved defence with Kaberle’s presence being felt, to the great goalie tandem that has been making it hard to knock the barn doors down. Malmo are getting contributions from almost every angle you can think of. In this media spot, I’ll be going through the positions and breaking down who’s doing well and why, who’s on a hot streak, etc. So let’s get into it!



      At this point, I could probably write a whole story book of just how lethal this offence has become. Unfortunately I only have so much time in a day, but we can certainly point out the highlights, and it starts with Odinsson. He may be worried that I’m jinxing it, but I’ll say it yet again. Odinsson, who currently tops the league with 87 points, is on pace for 150 points. With each passing game, that pace only becomes more and more impressive. Telker follows behind him with an impressive season of his own with 74 points through 43 games. As we keep going down the list, you can really start to see the depth. Sosa is having a stellar season with 63 points. Muffbeav has 57 points, and Deathwalker is on pace for a slight upgrade to last seasons  58 points, as he maintains a ppg at 43 points. I don’t think I have any worry’s for this offensive core going forward. 


      Kaberle has been leading the charge from the backend ever since he arrived from a trade about 20 games ago. 24 points in 21 games is about what you expect from your #1 defender on a contending team. Wu has provided really nice depth and chipped in a lot this year. With 35 points in 43 games, he’s on pace for a season best. Sova is still going strong with 29 points so far, but he’s on pace for a little over 50 points for a nice boost from his rookie season. Kamenov may be slightly off pace to what most of his prior seasons look like, it makes sense because he is up there in age. I think another reason is a good one too, and that’s pressure. I think Malmo was always looking for one defender to really step up and take the reigns, I think the addition of Kaberle really helped spread out the top 4. And now no one really has to be the “man”. 


     Let’s start with the backup for this one. Since my last article, Carson only had a handful of games if that. Now, you almost can’t count his games on both hands. He holds a solid 5-3 record, which is exactly what you want from a backup. While his underlying stats have suffered a bit since, it’s a small sample size of games to really judge these numbers as a negative. Tretiak continues to roll on and be a beast. He has a 26-9 record, with a .921 Sv%. This is every thing and more that you want out of a starting goalie. And I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t carry the Nighthawks to a playoff final. 

That’s it for this week! Let’s keep rolling Nighthawks.:mal:💪

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Great media spot as always!  Nice to get a little recap of recent Malmo happenings (no im not a homer), and the fact that you broke the article down positionally using coloured headings made it very easy to read.  Also love how you get the whole team involved by mentioning and tagging everyone. Overall 9.5/10.  GO NIGHTHAWKS!

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