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Sales Hosts Public Board Game Night


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Every single year fans of the Victory Hockey League read about their favorite players or organizations working hard to give back to their communities. Some teams hold food pantries, give free skating lessons to children, help clean up their cities, or even donate a large amount of money to good and charitable causes. Whatever the case may be, the teams and the communities all benefit together from it.


In New York, the Americans are always seeking ways to give back to the community and reach out to those who are in need. Collectively, the team has donated millions of dollars to local charities, have supported local economy, and have dedicated countless hours to the betterment of not just the players, but the community as well. It’s truly been a wonderful venture.


While teams do these things collectively, sometimes player elect to do more on the side, and that’s the truth for goaltender, Thadius Sales. Growing up in a small town with not much to do, Sales had to learn from a young age how to have fun with limited resources. One of the ways that he connected to others around him and enjoyed himself was through the playing of games. This would be board games, video games, and even card games. He became an avid collector of video and board games in his teenage years, and it appears that the obsession continues.


In an attempt to give back to the community, especially to those who are considered “at-risk,” Sales has purchased a store-front space near the arena. In this store-front space he has placed a new business, “No Longer Board.” This is, of course, a gaming store. Filled with an impressive collection of board games, Sales sells the games at discounted prices so that families can pick up newer games without breaking the bank. However, that’s not where the giving stops.


On top of discounted games, Sales opens the business once a week to allow anyone and everyone to come in and participate in game nights. At these events there are hundreds who come to learn new games, teach new games, and spend time together. One parent said, “When my son is here I know that he is safe. He isn’t in trouble, not risking his life, and he’s around other great people. It’s a place that I feel comfortable letting him go alone.”

Sales will often attend these game nights when his schedule allows, and he never makes it about himself. “Sometimes when I go there are fans of the Americans who come just hoping to meet and talk with me, but I make sure to place the board game nights first. Sure, I’ll sign autographs and talk with fans, but only after I play a few games with the kids.” 


When asked why he wanted to do this, Sales said, “When I was a kid we had no money, no means to give to others. The one thing that brought me happiness was games. So, I figured I could continue to invest in something I love while giving back to this great community. This is a free, family-friendly event that everyone seems to love.”



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