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I needed to write something for a MS this week...


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This week went by quick, I guess, although at the same time some of the days seemed brutally slow. I was surprised by a Sunday sunrise, then realized my capped tasks were still incomplete so here I am; Toronto has entered a rebuild (obviously) and we're coasting towards the end of the season, we're not really expecting much anymore and our current 11L streak doesn't really bother me. The next event for the Legion would be the trade deadline, where I'm hoping the team continues to commit to selling the remaining assets.


The reality is Toronto isn't making the playoffs, we're not even close and lack the firepower to really push towards that goal, so my intent for Toronto is rather simple... be as offensive as we can possibly be, maybe get some of the remaining roster players an individual stat line they can be happier with, or perhaps play spoiler down the road and upset a team that had postseason desires by defeating them just a few points outside of the wildcard position. I can dream, but so too did I when Toronto had a good roster. Yes, I am still salty about last season.

Well that's Toronto! Same crud as last time, different pile; Kyle Peace seems to be having a good season though, so I'm pretty thrilled about that. I should be interacting with that locker room a bit more, especially considering the line my player is on has been arguably the best forward line in the VHLM. I've been satisfied looking at the scoresheets and logging off to play some games or treat some of my rising medical issues. Peace leads Saskatoon in goals, which can be directly attributed to Montana's insane play throughout the season. The sim has really liked his build as Duncan steadily contributed triple digit seasons for the Wild season after season, although it remains to be seen how he'll perform at the VHLE level now that he's surpassed both the 250 and 200 TPA cap for a VHLM player. 

What else can a write about to reach five-zero-zero? I think I'll comment on one of Toronto's players -- Jared Carter -- earning himself two goals since joining the Legion. Carter played one hundred and sixty eight games with the Riga Reign and only scored a single goal, also this season, so I imagine he's pretty happy about the increased ice time and multiple goals he's managed to score. In just twenty games with the Toronto Legion, Carter has netted two goals. I applaud Mr. Carter on what I hope he views as a success, even though his fight-heavy build is supposed to be generating major penalties and winning the forgotten heavyweight honor. 

That about wraps it up for me this week, I need to start writing media spots for four claims again. Those were the easier days, days I'm still capable of I'd reckon, I just have to knuckle down and come up with a topic worth writing about and that seems to be in short supply lately. 



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