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We Are Nearly At S80


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Can you believe it's nearly S80? No, only us VHL boomers who have been here too long look at a number that large and remember joking about it years ago going "ha when we are still around then" and then realizing that in fact some of us are indeed still around then. The future comes for us all, no matter how hard you try to run from it. It is kinda how time works. I'm still a little baffled by the idea that in a few short months we'll be entering into not only the leagues 80th season, but also the birth of a third league inside the VHL. It's going to be hectic, chaotic, different, and I'm sure a little overwhelming for some people especially as things start to settle. One of the overlooked changes to the introduction of the E league is the addition of another season to player careers, bringing it up to the potential of 9 for members who really go for it. 

As someone who has seen the league undergo a serious amount of changes and build it's throughout multiple eras I'll say from first hand experience the best thing about these big moments is seeing the fallout. Not because of "drama" I mean more the structural fallout for how such things change the league. It is within that shaking of the tree that you see ways in which things can then be taken, improved upon, built upon, that sort of thing. It very much is a principle to how we have changed some things with the league over time. Piece by piece, then you feel confident making a bigger switch and you see how that affects things, and you build piece by piece again. Anyway I'm probably at 150 words by now so here's to the VHL super old and S80 being just around the corner. 

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