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How Alessando Nano compares to his father


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Now that we are past the hallway mark in the season it's time to compare Alessando Nano's first full VHLM season to his father.  Although both are different types of defenseman it will still be fun to see how they stack up against each other.  So far this season Alessando has played 47 games and has scored 5 goals and 32 assists.  The non scoring related stats for Alessando are 102 PIMS, 170 hits, 64 shot blocks and 68 shots on goal.  Paolo was not a physical player so Alessandro probably has him beat in hits and PIMS already but time to check out dads stats.  Paolo scored 14 goals and 26 assists so Alessando almost has dad beat already in points.  Alessandro is unlikely to catch dad in goals as he would need to score 9 more but hes almost certain to pass him in almost everything else.  Alessandro has surpassed dad in PIMS and hits which was expected before looking at the stats. Paolo had 128 shots in that first season while Alessando is on pace for 104 shots so he would need to start shooting the puck at a much higher rate.  Paolo had 94 shots blocked in his season while Alessando is on pace for 98 and it looks like that will be a close race.   So it looks like Alessando will improve on most of his dads stats except for shots on goal and goals.

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