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A boy from Zeeland and school


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Black bold lines are from Sunrise.

Green bold lines are from Sunrise's Spanish teacher and new friend, Luz.


His eyes sped through the lines, each one detailing a piece of information about each individual bit of the elemental table. To his credit, Sunrise van de Schubbekuteveen was probably one of the finest students from his little village back in Zeeland and the move to Mexico was not going to get in the way. He studied after training sessions and even games, if it meant it would keep his mind working, he was all for it. Of course, his grades were pretty good all across the board, with the obligatory exception of Spanish - he took all other exams in English, a language he was somewhat more familiar with but Spanish had been picked as a language for his time in Mexico and he also didn't mind the idea of getting acquainted with a new language. 


"Hey, Sunrise!" And then his eyes darted above from the book, looking at Luz, who was once again just crashing at his place. Wearing one of his hockey jerseys. Exactly the one he was supposed to wear for the game against Halifax at home. "I'll have you know I'll need that cleaned by tomorrow." He noted while she grumbled. "Come on, I want to be an example of a good captain. Kinda hard to do that when you're only 16." The Mexican girl grumbled more, sitting by his side before taking a peek at what he was reading. "Chemistry? You study that?"


Sunrise reacted with a smile, nodding in silence. The girl laughed, which caused him to lower his book again. "What's funny? School is pretty important." His gentle note was answered to by even more laughter, Luz shooting back that "You're the first person I've ever seen that somehow still studies while playing for a living, you know." Sunrise nodded, a shrug following. "Well... I mean, it's a condition dad made, you remember. But then again, I guess I like it. I mean..." He closed the book, chuckling a little bit. "I wanted to be a chemist, if hockey didn't work out. In fact, I'm considering getting a degree while I'm playing for Chicago. Something to do when I'm retired from the sport."


He then took a good look at Luz, a little smile on his face. "Are you this close to me just because the weather is a bit cold today or do you need to learn something for your own Chemistry classes?" The girl hid a bit of a blush on her face, grumbling more. "Maybe I do need some help with my exams, since I'm too busy making sure you do well on your Spanish ones and chill out every now and then." He seemed to be in thought for a second in response. "Well, if you need my help, I'll gladly assist you. It wouldn't be too much of an issue for me after all."


And thus, the two spent the rest of the afternoon studying Chemistry. He obviously insisted in having his jersey back cleaned. A captain has to have his principles, after all.

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