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The Iceman


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This is a fun graphic to look at. I am not sure what stock you used for the background but that frozen person kinda throws me off. I like the text. You really did a nice job with the shadow effect on the text. Only wish it was not behind the render. The render looks okay but I think you could have work with it a bit more for some detail/ highlights or something. It just looks a little flat. The logos at the top could have been made part of the frozen theme. Really it sounds like I am picking it apart but I love the concept and your color palette of blue and gold never gets old. Great job.


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I really like this concept! To add to what @Steve was saying, maybe adding a bit of a blue tint to your render would help make it feel like he was a part of the graphic. If I did it, I would flip everything except the background. That way frozen dude in the back is looking at non-frozen dude in the front lol 8/10

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