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VHLM Rewind [<<]


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     Looking at the VHLM this season we see the usual, big teams toppling over the small ones who didn't draft enough or get the right players. That doesn't mean the lower half of the standings didn't complete to keep themselves afloat and after trades, players standing out from the rest and new players just joining the league now.. Here's a quick rewind on how everything has played out so far if you didn't tuned in early.


:vhlmlogo: the draft 🏟️

It started off like every other season and the draft was more hype than ever for whoever tuned into the draft and managers, remaining and newly drafted players started to think of how things would play out after everything calmed down. On top it was Mississauga who went home the biggest winner but the other veteran managers did quite well as they knew who to pick in the later rounds and the newer managers scrambled to keep up. When the dust settled it looked like every team had a gem or two on board, even if they had to pay a price for their mistakes.


🏒 up in the air 🥅

The season starts and teams like Houston and Yukon quickly sunk the bottom while Ottawa, Halifax, Las Vegas and Miami had all the pressure on them to buy or sell, it didn't take long though and the Hounds acquire another star from the Rush, Otto Numminen. The week continued and a lot of the same stuff was happening so it didn't change much but by the end of it the Rush was the first team to wave the white flag and sent recreate Ryan Vidot, Bob Beach to the Marauders for picks and a future player, Link Zhang. The battle was still on for most teams and strategies continued to change for an extra edge.


📋 making an identity 🦾

Locker rooms fill up with new recreates, another 7 days/14 games in the bag goes by and the standings start to get clearer, the teams who wanted to compete had to make some moves if they wanted a few more sure victories against lower ranked teams. In the busiest week so far we see 6 different trades involving picks and mostly forwards, Miami gains 3 forwards, Philadelphia gets a couple of defenders and a forward but the team to steal the thunder was San Diego after making the boldest moves and acquired a maxed player for each position to blend in with an already enriched rookie core. The other teams, Ottawa, Halifax, Minnesota became sellers and Houston got rid of everything, in the middle Vegas continued to hold their cards close and make a smart move to upgrade their roster a bit.


🗝️ consistency is key 🚨

After things calmed down and the halfway point was approaching it was clear who made the right decisions as players quickly rose to the top with insane numbers and continue to supply the sports broadcasters with multiple glamorous highlights per game in one of the highest scoring seasons in recent times. On the other side of things newer goaltenders like Xavier Booberry and Em Em Flex held the fort down while they're teams were struggling and found a way to maintain composure at the top of the ranks, the older ones like Leroy Johnson and Luke Spinell also showed what it takes to be a goaltender at this level. On the defensive side, not many teams had a whole lot to work with so almost every defender is excelling from previous or new ventures.


📞 to this point 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

We see another big move between Philadelphia and Ottawa, the Reapers add some depth to their line up and give away future assets, the trade talks don't stop though and since managers have fully thought through plans for the rest of the season or the future it seems like nobody is really wanting to budge but it's almost certain anybody willing to make a deal could be giving away or trying to find a bargain. Recently we've seen an abundance of new sign ups and not many have stood out except the handful of returning players and could be future star Nils Godlander as well as Sullivan O'Jullivan, there's quite a few who are making strides like Louis Vignac, Xue Paio Bing Bong, Arno Blugars, Harry Fingers, Nate Bedard and they're ready to make an impact so this will most definitely change and be exciting to watch the rest of the way.


     144 total games are left!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and thanks for tuning in if you are a new member or have been busy working, see you on the ice :)


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