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Riga Looking Spooky


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It's probably no secret that I have had less time to follow the VHL. But every once in a long while I'll scan through some teams' rosters and... when the heck did Riga start looking like a behemoth?


Sure, the European Conference is decently competitive at the top and the standings are wont to change on a dime, and we could debate the top-heaviness vs. depth of each conference til we're blue in the face. That's not what I'm talking about, though - four of Riga's six forwards are 700+ TPE, with their lowest just under 500. Not only that, they've got four defensemen over 600 TPE (led by none other than Jolly Greene Giant @DoktorFunk), and on top of that are finishing up Zamboni Driver's career (the guy's a career 0.919 sv%!).  When did they get all of these high earners, and how did I not catch on to this earlier?


Needless to day, I've been thoroughly impressed with my old boss @hedgehog337's ability to throw together yet another talented team - and I'm looking forward to seeing how they finish out the season and playoffs. With plenty of contributions from the Season 75 class it looks like they'll also be a roster that'll rapidly transition over the next 2-3 seasons, but I'm positive it'll be handled well.

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