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Sensitivity training


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Seattle Bears organized social media training for all the players. Every player was given the latest information on how to behave in the world of social media. Most players found the training to be useful, but one player had the opposite view. Erlantz Jokinen shared his comments via Instagram earlier today.


''Sensitivity training? I can't believe I had to sit through a five-hour lecture on what is ok and what is not ok to say on social media. If I can't ridicule others and let others ridicule me, what is the point of social media? Am I now supposed to post pictures of my cat and pretend I'm a fun guy? I don't even have a cat.''


The majority of the comments under Jokinen's post called for more time on the ice over listening to lectures for hours and hours. Five hours was seen as way too much, especially for players like Jokinen, who could really use the extra time at the practice rink. Few commentators wondered why players like Jokinen even have followers when they have nothing interesting to say in the first place.


Remains to be seen what happens with Jokinen and his social media presence in the future.

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