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Ah yes another season and another theme week for those occasional PT claimers to shine. This season is VHL Awards, or something like that, I’m too lazy to look currently. Now I could write about some award that my player Bob Tristan should’ve won, or at least contended for in the past, *cough cough* mip *cough*, anyways, like I was saying I can write about either my player or maybe even a past player and their award winnings. But I don’t like going with the flow sometimes. My parents said think outside the box, so I destroyed the box, because fuck the box. I think we’re all forgetting about the most importa… no not important… ah I got it, the coolest awards that you can win. Those awards are the “Unofficial Awards”.


The Unofficial Awards are like the same thing as regular awards except cooler and not official league supported awards. These awards are put on after each season by the great @DMaximus . Some of these Unofficial Awards are true outside the box stats and something you would maybe even pull out of the upside down. Such as the Pylon Award which is rewarded to the player at the end of the season with the WORST +/- rating. There’s the Gandhi Award, given to the player with the least amount of penalty minutes, with the requirement of 1000 minutes played. And there’s no many more of the glorious and wacky awards that I could talk about, but who would want to read that, you could just go read the award page itself if you wanted to. But there is one more award that I must talk about, my personal favorite, and not because I may or may not have won this award before. The Major^2 award, the award given to the player with the most major penalties in a season, and totally not won by Bob Tristan in S78 with 11.


Anyways now to get to the point of this whole article, the “Unofficial Awards” aren’t something that should be passed on. Sure it may not be as cool as winning an actual award given to you from the big guys on top. But the Unofficial Awards are great because it shows the funny stats that some people meme created their player to fulfill just because it’s fun and and virtual hockey simulation, so you should have fun. Of the 23 some Unofficial Awards given out each season, winning one is something I am proud of, it’s something I can use to joke around with since it shows just how big of a goon my first player was and that I at least got something for it. Not many people know or care for these awards, but for me it’s like when you’re a child and you get that medal for just breathing at the chess tournament, or not drowning at a children’s swim meet, something like that. In all, just don’t forget about these awards, because who knows maybe someday… they could drop the “un” in unofficial and join the league endorsed awards, who knows.


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