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Thorr Skjeggestad's Junior Profile


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Sit down, grab yourself a pint, and perk up to the historie of Thorr Skjeggestad.


The stick chimes down on the frozen end of the fjord, sending shockwaves throughout the barren makeshift ice rink. The furniture factory, Ekornes, where he grew up putting together lounge chairs with his parents Oscar and Thea, is in the far-off distance. Thoughts of Mats Johnsson rush through his mind, as he plays through his last moment in the made-up game in his head. Final minute of the game, and he rushes the empty net at the far end of the Fjord. He dekes left and right and raises his stick to take a long slapper from the point but corrals the biscuit and skates closer and closer to the net, 20 seconds. Sweat is dripping down his brow and freezing as it hits the ice of the fjord, he skates forward and shaves ice into the imaginary defender, takes a deep breath, and snaps the puck into the top right corner of the net, it shoves the net off its empty paper towel roll moorings. The head crowd goes insane.


Thorr grew up loving hockey, and Norse Mythology, in the little town of Ikornnes, Norway. He was born to Oscar and Thea Skjeggestad (pronounced Skah-jegg-eh-stad) and grew up with his little brother Lokhi working in the family furniture business. Living on a body of water, that is constantly frozen, gave Thorr ample opportunity to hone his game, to build icemen and practice his stick moves, and hits. Since Lokhi was too much of a wimp to be the Guinea Pig. Thorr had one dream, and one dream only to be the best damn hockey player he could be.


When Thorr turned 11, Oscar traveled all around Norway and Sweden playing in pick-up games, and soon came across an introductory league in Drammen, Norway: The Gulskogen Junior Hockey League. The GJHL was fierce competition for Thorr being so close to Oslo, and the big market. Oscar spared no expense in hiring a personal hockey coach, Odin Balder. He was a defensive legend in Norway, and Odin instilled the proper knowledge in Thorr to become a new style of defender: The Aggressive Enforcer. The tenets of the style is to show your prowess and strength on both sides of the ice, but also be aware of the surroundings to create offensive opportunities, for self and team. Thorr adapted the style and made it his own for the next 7 years of the GJHL, ending with 66 goals, 85 assists, 530 blocks, and 596 Hits.


The numbers caught the attention of the GM of the Yukon Rush, DomG5, and he quickly offered a contract to Thorr. After very little deliberation, Thorr accepted the contract and joined the team immediately. He is looking forward to experiencing the VHLM and growing as a player to maybe become the next Mats Johnsson. Then he will have his Mjolnir.

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Great back story and I love the comical effects in the story. My brother was also a scared wimp that wouldn't let me hit him so I understand the pain and the frustration of having to build icemen instead. Hopefully he remembered to let them freeze a day or two before he hit them or they would break; adding more frustration.


Great read and Welcome to an equally cold team in the Yukon!! LOL!! Guess you feel at home in the cold dark places!! LOL!

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