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(S80) C - adam couser, TPE: 84


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Welcome to the league @adamcouser

I am rjfryman GM of the Houston Bulls. There are a lot of VHLM teams that will offer you a position on their team and that is an awesome thing. There are a couple things I want to inform you about.


  1. You are a waiver pickup. Which means there is no wrong answer in where you play for the rest of the season.
  2. After this season there will be multiple drafts for teams to get your rights for the many leagues we have in the VHL as a whole.
  3. Picking a team through waiver does not mean you are stuck with them your entire career. You will be drafted at the end of the season, probably by a different team.


With that I want to inform you about Houston right now. We are a rebuilding team, with a new GM coming in next season. What that means for you? You will get as many minutes as the sim engine will allow. You will probably lose most of your games but that doesn’t hurt you long term. You will miss the playoffs and not get a chance at the minor league cup. If you are ok with that then Houston is a great place to come.


There are so many great clubs and GM’s so there is no wrong pick. If you want to come and join Houston simply quote this message and say you are ready to come play for Houston.

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Welcome to the VHL @adamcouser! I’m JB, AGM of the Ottawa Lynx :ott:. We would like to offer you a contract. 

We are currently retooling for next season’s cup run, but as a result lots of ice time is available and who knows, you could help us make a run this season too! 

We can offer top six minutes and will help you learn the game. Quote this post with #GOLYNXGO to join us in Ottawa!


I wish you the very best, 


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Yukon GM react to @adamcouser creating a player in the VHL!

Woah! I’ve been following your youtube channel for a year now and I can’t believe you are joining us! The VHL is a very helpful community and I hope you’ll stick around!


Yukon can offer you a place on our roster, you’d be playing on the second line with an opportunity to reach the first line


Quote this and say #feeltherush to get a contract offer and a discord invitation to our server. Good luck in the VHL!



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Welcome to the VHL @adamcouser!


My name is Alex_J32, I'm the AGM for the Philadelphia Reapers, like @Domg5 I've been following your channel for quiet a while, and can still remember some of your first reaction videos. I'd like to reach out and offer you a position on our roster! We are building a very competitive team, and would slot you in as a 4th line center. If you continuously build your TPE by interacting within the community and contributing in TPE generating tasks, you'll be able to play more minutes and possibly move up the depth chart!

Here in Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on the players we develop. My GM and I work hard to ensure that every member of the team enjoys their time on the Reapers and builds a legacy to begin their career. Numerous VHL greats got started right here in Philadelphia, and we would love to add your name on the list. We also have a great locker room filled with great players that would love to get to know you!

If you're interested in becoming a Reaper, just quote this post and reply back with #FEARTHEREAPER. Once you do that, we will add you to our roster and get you in the locker room.



Many legacies have been built with the Reapers. Will you join the many great Reapers of legend and craft a VHL career worthy of the HOF? What will your legacy be?


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Welcome to the VHL, @adamcouser!


The Minnesota Storm are a rebuilding team this season, but we have plenty of room for you on our roster. We have an excellent locker room environment on discord, guides to help you build your player, and much more to help you build your player the way you want to! Our top priority is to help prepare you for a successful VHL career!

Right now, we are prepared to offer you a spot on our 3rd line!  To accept our offer, simply quote this post and say "Let's go Storm!" to accept our offer!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We are eager to see you join the Storm!

- youloser1337, Minnesota Storm AGM

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Welcome to the league @adamcouser



My name is Sam and I am the general manager of the Halifax 21st! Currently we would be able to offer you 2ND LINE MINUTES AND SPECIAL TEAMS time. In Halifax we have a great room of people who can help you learn the game and get you on your way to becoming a great player. From Gm to AGM, current players and past so many people are ready to work with you and help you learn the game. We may not be the favorites this season but you will be given the chance at good amounts of ice time that other teams wouldn't be able to offer you! I know you would be a great addition to our team and would fit right in.





I’d love to see you in a Halifax uniform! To join halifax quote this with #BOATGANG

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Welcome to the VHL, @adamcouser!


The Saskatoon Wild are in pretty great shape heading into the playoff season, but we have just one true center at the moment. I'd love to get you into the mix as our third line center, then once you get developed a little more, get you up on the second line and into some important roles on the special teams. I've noticed that you didn't apply any of your TPE, so we can also figure out what direction you'd like to go with your player, and work out the best way to start your build!


If Saskatoon sounds like the team for you, you can join the Wild by quoting this post and replying, "#SaskyBois."


Best of luck to you,


- Thomas Landry

General Manager of the Saskatoon Wild 

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