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My Selections for VHLM 1st and 2nd Team All-Stars (Bring 'Em Back!)


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My First and Second-Team VHLM All-Stars - S79

VHLM first and second team all-stars were named once, in Season 62. Today I will be bringing them back, unofficially for Season 79, even if it is while the season is still going. I will be as objective as possible, and don't sweat it if you didn't make it, there were a lot of great options! 


*Quick note: In parentheses is the player's ranking, for forwards it is among all VHLM skaters; for defenders it is just among defenders.


S79 VHLM First Team All-Stars

LW Duncan Montana @124715, Saskatoon Wild: 51 GP, 39 Goals (T-4th), 65 Assists (1st), 104 Points (1st), +38, 6 GWG (T-8th), 9 PPG

C Bryn Yrwy @dylanjj37, Halifax 21st: 52 GP, 44 Goals (1st), 51 Assists (T-5th), 95 Points (2nd), +25, 7 GWG (T-3rd), 13 PPG (T-4th) 

RW Mikey Markov @JetsFan81, Miami Marauders: 51 GP, 43 Goals (2nd), 45 Assists, 88 Points (4th), +22, 4 GWG, 7 PPG 

D Zdeno Chara @Agito, Las Vegas Aces: 52 GP, 30 Goals (1st), 50 Assists (2nd), 80 Points (1st), +3, 139 Shots Blocked (2nd), 127 Hits 

D Pistol Pete @PistolP, Las Vegas Aces: 52 GP, 26 Goals (T-2nd), 43 Assists (6th), 69 Points (3rd), +4, 114 Shots Blocked (4th), 134 Hits 

G Luke Spinelli @Lspinelli, Mississauga Hounds: 40 Wins (1st), .896 Save Percentage (10th), 2.79 GAA (5th), 6 Shutouts (1st), 2 Assists (T-8th) 


As you can see, two Aces defenders made the First Team, Zdeno Chara and Pistol Pete. Chara is a frontrunner for the Ryan Sullivan Trophy for best defender this season. If they end up winning it, they'll become the 2nd Vegas defender to win the award in the past three seasons (Shaggy Tipton won it in Season 77).  Among the other selections, the league leaders in goals (Yrwy) and points (Montana) both made it, as well as Marauders star forward, Mikey Markov. Luke Spinelli earned the goalie spot in his second stint with the league-leading Hounds. 


Now, onto the Second Team! 


S79 VHLM Second Team All-Stars 

LW Zach Kisslinger II @Kisslinger, Halifax 21st: 52 GP, 29 Goals, 61 Assists (3rd), 90 Points (3rd), +18, 3 GWG, 7 PPG 

C Nathaniel Minion @Minion, Mississauga Hounds: 52 GP, 24 Goals, 62 Assists (2nd), 86 Points (T-6th), +42 (T-7th), 6 GWG (T-8th), 6 PPG 

RW Baby Bob @Baby Boomer, Mississauga Hounds: 52 GP, 27 Goals, 50 Assists (T-9th), 77 Points, +45 (T-4th), 2 GWG, 10 PPG (T-8th) 

D Rhys Trenton @DeeGoat, Mexico City Kings: 52 GP, 26 Goals (T-2nd), 48 Assists (T-3rd), 74 Points (2nd), +29, 74 Shots Blocked, 101 Hits

D Corey Kitson @Nykonax , Mississauga Hounds: 52 GP, 26 Goals (T-2nd), 39 Assists (8th), 65 Points (4th), +47 (2nd), 98 Shots Blocked (7th), 32 Hits 

G Bastian Greiss @ThatsGreissy, Mexico City Kings: 36 Wins (2nd), .902 Save Percentage (5th), 2.57 GAA (4th), 3 Shutouts (T-2nd), 4 Assists (T-3rd) 


For the second team, we have three Hounds and two Kings, as well as a 21st. Zach Kisslinger, Nathaniel Minion, and Baby Bob lead the team up front. Rhys Trenton and Corey Kitson grabbed the two D spots, and Bastian Greiss got the nod in goal. 


Congrats to all the players who earned a spot! Now, time for arguments in favor of and against. 


Argument in favor of All-Star Teams: 

It is a unique honor in that it recognizes the top players, regardless of team. If one team is stacked, multiple players can still be selected. 


Another positive is that while only one player can win each award at the conclusion of the season, several can be awarded a spot here. This way, more great players are recognized, yet there isn't too many, honoring the integrity of it. 


Lastly, why not? The VHL names all-star teams, so why shouldn't the 'M too? 


Argument against All-Star Teams: 

They only further reward the cup contenders. A handful of teams have excellent rosters top to bottom in any given season, while others may be in a retool. 


Not every team will have a player selected. Although it's possible since there are twelve total spots and twelve teams in the 'M, it is not as probable or required. 


They make the awards show too busy. Players who win an award will likely earn an all-star team selection too, which isn't necessarily bad. However, it can make the presentation very repetitive and is one more thing to be determined in an already tight schedule. 



My Opinion

While I do think All-Star Teams would be a cool addition to the VHLM Awards, there are negatives too, mentioned above. I trust the VHL Staff to do what's best, and whatever that is, I am on board with. 


So, what do you think? Should the VHLM bring back All-Star Teams? I hope you enjoyed reading, and as promised last week, I will be doing an article next week about top defense pairings across the VHL, followed by the best goaltending tandems. 


Word Count (excluding All-Star Teams): 530 



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