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VHL Awards Spartcast


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I chat about VHL awards that I/Letang have earned over the past few years.


Then I talk about three awards that have a decent amount of controversy around them (Boulet, Wylde, Elmebeck)


Then I realize I have no gas left in my car as I speed down the highway! Find out how it all ends.


There are mild audio issues in there, idk how it happened. Suck it up, I'm claiming this for 2 weeks.

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Valiq is for Top Offensive Defenceman, and Labatte is for Best Overall Defenceman. DAMN IT GET IT RIGHT!


I agree Red Lite deserves MVP if NYA makes playoffs.


Love to hear about the bonkers drivers around you 😅


I just said in BladeMaiden’s podcast how +\- SHOULD be used, compare it to your teammates with similar minutes. 

Ridding the defensive awards on the grounds of “they’re just for players who get lots of points and have Checking” is obscene. You can make that argument for literally every award. “Do away with Most Goals because it just goes to players with lots of Scoring and TPE in general.” If anything, change the parameter of the Boulet to be for the top power forward.


I agree with your view on the Elmebeck. It’s a positive process right from getting the community to submit nominees. I wouldn’t undersell the extraordinaryness of an extremely active good vibes member. That’s why BigAl could win every year, and I think that’s great.


I ran out of gas 2 or 3 times with my old  car, because the estimated gauge was a damn liar. Driving slower is supposed to be more efficient.


TPE for views or likes seems like it could be exploitable. There would probably have to be a committee to go over all the PTs and decide which is best.

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