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#AsktheBouch: Mothers reading


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Here we are again heading into the trade deadline and the bosses have decided that this series isn’t complete dead with no follows. I would like to say I think we have no followers of this series other then the players mom but here we are once again with said player; Robert Bouchard of Prague Phantoms in the getting old and stale series #AsktheBouch.


So last time we spoke the team was looking like a sure bet for the play-offs as the team rattled off six straight wins followed quickly by some disappoint losses. What happened?


“STHS!! Do I really need to say more? Teams always have ups and down during the season; not much different then players.”


Talking about players; You are currently hot with multiple points in the past four or five games. What changed?


“Coach woke up and moved me away from the first line and added me to easier minutes against the weaker players from the other teams meaning I am getting more looks so in the end it also means more points.”


Today the VHLE announced logos and official team names but that wasn’t the talking point of the announcement as GM had a piss fits so what was your take on the whole situation?


“It is funny as hell seeing GM act like children but horrible for the league as now that is the first thing anyone see when they look at the Logo unveiling and it will be stuck with me for a while. I was already thinking the VHLE as in-between league where only newbies and wantabes are going to play. This kinda proves that point now doesn’t it. Stay clear of the league until they get their act together and maybe avoid at all cost if you can.”


Bouchard stops and smiles then adds: “Maybe we should start a boxing club for the GM’s as they seem like frustrated bunch that could punch!! LOL!!”


Well, Since I am already over the word count and my boss should be happy lets end this here in the series that only your mother reads…..“And my Grandmother” ….in the series we like to call #AsktheBouch. And I am sure we will be back doing another one of these very soon.


Does your mother pay this for?


“Of course why would anyone else care for my opinion on league matters and my opinion on anything in between. But I think she uses my dad money!! LOL!!”

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