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Vhl awards: The Good, the Bad, the Changes


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Vhl awards… What I like, what I hate and what I think could change.


ps: all my opinion disagree if you'd like I don't care


Let's start off on a positive note. The things I like about the vhl awards:

  • It brings activity to the league.

    • No doubt when awards are being announced there is an increase in activity. It's great to see people come together, have some fun and celebrate the winners.

  • Gives you something to strive for.

    • An award for some people can be motivation to work harder and improve their player more to be more likely to be able to become a winner. Really most people strive for at least one award which is the continental cup. The goal of most players would be to win a cup and be able to celebrate it.

  • It brings friendly competition.

    •  I don't mean this in the actual competition for the award itself, although it brings that too. I mean in a different way with predictions. It's always a little competition to see who guessed the most amount of correct awards and who maybe isn't very good to say the least.


Now on a more negative note.. The things I dislike and how I think things could be changed about vhl awards:

  • How they are presented.

    • I think this could be improved but I think just posting in a thread isn't the best way to do it and you could do much more entertaining things. I understand maybe a wrap up post reviewing all of the awards but the actual way they are presented I personally don't love. I understand though it's probably the easiest but here are some of my ideas: stream them, pros you can get alot of engagement and it would be entertaining. Cons you would have to find people available every season to do it. My other idea is a video presenting it. This one is pretty straight forward. Someone gets all the winners before making it into a video for people to watch. Pros again probably more entertaining to watch and again engagement. Cons again finding someone to make the video.

  • More user awards

    • I think there should be more awards that are user based and not player based. The Fredrik Elmebeck is a great honor to receive and its user based rather than player based. More awards like this could be added, examples could include: best graphics, best articles, most enthusiastic etc etc to to show off more of the people off the ice.

  • More awards that players can vote on. 

    • Now this could be more voting on awards already created but I had another idea that could also possibly work and brings in my last point. If you follow the nhl you may know they have fan voted awards. Much less serious awards but more just fun ones that fans can get involved with. A version of this could be created in the vhl. This is also the place where more user based awards can come in and the examples in my last point would work perfectly. Other fan voted awards could be best player name, most funny user etc etc. It's a way to be able to get people active and have some fun in the offseason. Pros: community involvement, offseason fun. Cons: need someone to run but i'd honestly be willing to do it so that's not really an issue.


There you go, those are my ideas. 

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On 8/20/2021 at 6:30 PM, Brewins15 said:

No doubt when awards are being announced there is an increase in activity.


I suppose I can't objectively disagree with this.


On 8/20/2021 at 6:30 PM, Brewins15 said:

It's great to see people come together, have some fun and celebrate the winners.



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