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Minion Presents The 500 word update that I can claim for TPE


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Minion Presents The 538-word update that I can claim for TPE
By: Minion
Good evening or day everybody as some of you knows if you read my last article or some of my discord posts. I had planned to drop a Minion presents this week and didn’t have time(due to fixing things around my house, and getting ready for my return to school) so Instead here is an update and a quick little minion’s all-star selection. but first let’s chat about my plans for the next week in the VHL. for those of you that don’t know their is only around 12 games left this season witch is about six days of sims or seven unless the simmers get busy so Minion presents #6 has been renamed and will drop next week instead it will now be minion Presents #6 VHLM playoffs predictions with Minion. And following that will be a playoff recap minion presents #7 Congrats _______(champion VHL and VHLM). Okay so next is the all star recap

First team
Center - Bryn Yrwy 52 goals, 62 assist 
Left winger - Duncan Montana 47goals 80 assist
Right winger - Zach Kisslinger II 42 goals and 71 assist 
Dman 1- Zdeno chara 96 points, 171 shot blocked, +5
Dman 2- Pistol Pete 80 points, +3  141 shots blocked
Goalie- luke spinelli 47-9-4 0.896sv% 2.82 GAA
Second team
Center - Nathaniel Minion 29 goals 70 assist
Left winger - Kyle Peace 49 goals 60 assist
Right winger - Gregory Bates 41 goals 51 assist
Dman 1- Sven EightNine 73 points +47 226 hits
Dman 2- X man 74 points +32 136 shots blocked
Goalie- Bastian Greiss 40-16-4 0.9sv% 2.62GAA
To sum up my all star selection the forwards I picked are people that can get it done when it comes to goals and points players that can deliver. Sorry for having no right wingers all of them are left wings.
More bits on news coming for Minion. I will not be making to jump to the VHL next season I’m planning to play in the VHLE unless non of the teams want me then I will play for the nighthawks. I can’t wait to join the night on a quest for the cup but it will have to wait another season most likely. Also I’m excited for playoffs I can’t wait for a chance to go out with a bang and bring home the cup more on that next week. I sadly still have another 90 words to go so lets keep going. So lets talk about the teams for the VHLE I love all of them most likely because they are new and this pre draft tournament You can count me in sounds fun. My first VHLE team is the Iron eagles they seem like the best to me and I would love to play their next season, the logo is simple yet amazing like the bruins and over all I love eagles and think they have a great gm. Also even tho its still A couple weeks away in the comments of this topic lets get some VHLE hype, playoffs hype, and WJC hype(and maybe draft)

This is minion checking out see you next week,

(disclaimer it a bit more then 538 and most of the spelling mistakes are names that don't agree with my computer)

Edited by Minion
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