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S79 Discussion Drive Discussion


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Holy shit, you guys.


That Discussion Drive was amazing.


I took a few hours this morning and went through every suggestion. I wrote them down, sorted them into categories, tallied how often each one came up, and left with a pretty comprehensive list of ideas about how to make this place better.


One of my favourite sayings is that: "There's no bad ideas in brainstorming." 


As we move from the brainstorming phase closer to the realm of reality, we do have to do some culling. If your idea doesn't get discussed in the bigger community, don't be disheartened. 


A large number of suggestions were thrown right in the bin because of, ugh, Simon T. He's a selfish jerk who doesn't play nice with others. Lots of the things we want - better stat tracking! improved attributes! customization of the league! better game output! more realistic hockey! - are just not possible at our end. We're not Berocka or Dil, we can't invent our own sim engine, and so we're stuck with what Simon T gives us. We're not switching engines just because we're a bit nitpicky with what we have. If you suggested changes to STHS, you got your free three TPE anyways.


Some things have already been implemented! Josh popped in the thread and made some easy User Interface tweaks. I'm in the process of working with our Fantasy Managers to add some of the small details you came up with to test-run for the rest of the season. This thread started because of stagnation, and I'm genuinely optimistic that these ideas will give us a bit of a bump as we get through the dog days of the summer. 


My analysis of the suggestions broadly fell into five categories:

- Portal

- Forums

- Hockey

- Community

- Fantasy


This is only a .com, so I won't delve too far into each of these categories, but things will be clear in due time.


The long and the short of it is: we care about this discussion drive. We do love the VHL and want to make it a better place! We do value our membership and your ideas. We do want to take the realistic and feasible ideas and make them real.


We'll see how it goes!

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