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Keep on Rocking in the Free World


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Sometimes everyone should take Neil Young's advice. Phil the Rock Johnson has often used this as his life mantra. Don't life the man get you down... don't let anyone keep you down.. and if you fall, pick yourself up and try again. 


"You only learn by losing. The lessons are so much more valuable than any you get winning." The Rock has told VHL.com this multiple times and will probably keep saying it until his career's over. 


Calgary currently sit second in the conference, level with Seattle on points but played a game more. The Rock's season has been the same as his previous - underwhelming offense and decent in the hits department. At this point in his career it's safe to assume that the Rock is a fabulously average player. The only thing superstar-y about his game is his personality. The Rock has come to terms with that:


"Of course I want to be the best, but there can only be one best. That's the problem with playing in the best league in the world.. we're all the best."


Through the 60 games, the Rock has collect just 35 points with 208 hits. Once again it looks like he'll miss the mark on even 300 hits.. over course his goal was to breach the 400 hits mark multiple times during his career. He currently has 693 career hits.. which puts him just 355 of all time. There's still a ways for him to go to even crack the 100 hits mark, but he'll do what he can




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