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A Few Things On Awards


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Hello, I hope you are all safe and well in life. I am mostly doing good. This week has been crazy busy which is why I'm finding myself writing this on my final day off before I head back. Fortunately, it's only a 7 day stretch this time and then we're off to the mountains for a 10 days vacation of fishing, hiking, golfing and adventuring the area and local. This week has been crazy full with me doing my 2nd week of starting to work out, some minor yard work, rebuilding the puppy pen downstairs and visiting our breeder that we will likely be getting another registered Doberman from in October! It's crazy exciting times in our household. Other than that, just busy and all of that. 

This season has flown by. It feels like Warsaw just hoisted the cup, the off-season just ended and somehow we're something like 59 games through the regular season already? That's crazy! Time flies in this league. This week is theme week and I do believe the Monday rolling around would have the trade deadline come. I think it's going to be a quieter one but I do think there's the potential of seeing some minor trades, as well as one of two big ones as long as teams can manage to keep their cap and all of that under control. There's usually ways to work something out with someone in the league. This weeks theme week is "VHL Awards" and I'm only going to be spitting out words for the sake of words as I will be busy as shit this week with work and then the following week and some I am going to be on vacation so don't really want to be on here or anything like that. For this weeks theme week, we're gonna talk about some opinions we have on awards, some maybe I'd like to add and even dive a little bit into the VHLM as it never gets the love it should! So, let's go, baby.


1. VHLM Hall of Fame - Retired Jerseys, etc.

The VHL has one and it's an excellent addition to the league to see the star players/legends of our past time being recognized for their accomplishments. I know making the Hall of Fame in general as a player and/or builder was a very special thing and having a jersey retired by the team you play for would be an amazing accomplishment too (especially if done by the league!). Adding these features in the VHLM would make it a little bit more special. I know it wouldn't hold the same weight as the VHL because people don't care about the VHLM the same way they do about the VHL, but every time I've been through the VHLM, it's still a special and fun experience. YES, the end goal is the VHL... But I don't know. It's still part of the ride. I still want to do well and have fun. Any time we added something as green members into the M, it was with the hopes and intentions that it would bring enjoyment, activity and success with retention. We wanted to include people as much as possible and keep the around the M in terms of their interest. Adding anything in that league may not hold the same weight as the VHL. Adding a Hall of Fame in the big leagues, as an example, might boost interest in that one category by say 18%. People still go to it. They still reference it and use it as research. The M might only be a 3-5% boost, but any boost and improvement is good for everybody and the league! It would be cool to see some of the best players recognized by both the teams and the leagues in the VHLM.



I am unsure who said it, but I agreed. I know we've had talks in the past with a bunch of members and some are on one side, some are on the others and then there's those who are on the fence and either don't care or don't know. As @Berocka mentioned, usually the team that sees good improvement with the most amount of trades wins. It doesn't matter if a GM works their ass off and wins 5 cups in whatever years, goes back to back, has crazy success like Riga or HSK, threepeats or whatever. It's a regular season award and I find that kind of silly. Playoffs don't matter? Members who win the regular season but not the cup seem let down? Like they didn't accomplish the full package. The end goal for everyone here is to win cups. I could give a shit as a player and GM if we win the regular season. Is it nice? Yes. Is it my goal when it comes to what I want to win? Nope. I make the moves I make to win playoffs.  I don't think that it should be 50/50. I'm unsure what the ratio for weight should be when considering, discussing and voting, but playoffs should be involved in the process. I find it strangely weird that it's not. I also find the voting system a bit flawed. Sometimes the winner leaves me with my head scratching. Again, did you make the most moves and see some improvement? then you likely win. I can't remember what season it was, my the team that one was blown away by another team for improvement yet the team that seen the biggest leap lost. The other team was + or - 2-3 points what they were the prior season. It's become an award, as a GM, that I no longer care to win. I'd rather win the cup and just have a good tenure. It used to mean a lot when I first started, but no longer.


3. Rename some Trophies?

I'm not the biggest fan of this, but there are players who are better than those who won the trophy. I think Rayz Funk might be the best player to ever play in the playoffs? I know they're not gonna name a trophy after Gretzky etc though.. or others who come along so I understand the history that the trophy holds. Also, are we going to be changing it every time someone breaks the heights the name holder reached? I'd say no, but Rayz Funk was also on another level. I'd also say (and not syaing me), but looking at the list of GM's, there's a lot more who were successful, longerterm and all of that than David Knight or whatever it is. Same could be said about the top Rookie award. Highest scoring season, blah, blah whatever. Still has the most points and unless it goes wild again, likely won't be a record that will ever be touched. Do we have a Smirnov trophy too? Would be sweet ;) 


dont take any of this serious. word vomit. bye.



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