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Bana Blab #21


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The end is near, VHL. I can feel it in my bones when I get my ass up to throw in lines. The end is near, VHL. I can feel it in my mind when I see some of the things I see on here. It's been a long time coming, but I'm an old as fuck GM and in a way, somewhat, a member. S40's is old considering what is mostly on here now I think? Anyway, man was it tough to write this. Is it because it's my last day off? Is it because I'm finding less enjoyment for a few reasons in the league? Is it because I'm just, in general, tired in life from working, everything going on and all of the excitement, etc. Who the hells knows but damn, did I not want to do theme week or this shit this week. Have to do so for the Bears though! We own my player and she needs to be good for the team. Needs to keep earning like everyone else ;)  Now, let's just get to the word vomit so I can go to relaxing the day away!


  • Bears started the season after like 10-12 games in last place. If we finish 1st in the conference, sweet. The goal at the end of the day is to make playoffs. The position doesn't matter because come playoffs time, you need to beat every opponent you face to win the cup and there's always great opponents that stand in your way. You have to beat the best to be the best. I'm happy with everyone's play. The team is doing well. One last hoorah? Can we find a way to do it again next season? Let's focus on this one FOR NOW!
  • Davos gonna make playoffs? This is weird but also good to see. Zero issues with gus or Davos. It was fun to root against them and it still is, but to see them do well is also good. Flip conferences and another team people love to root against because they start the season 14-0-1 or whatever and then suck and lose no matter what is Toronto. They suck again. They also built themselves up and then sold off again, lol.  Crazy to watch. Not sure what's going on but I'm sure some have their ideas. Very easy to blame STHS though! 
  • New York not gonna make playoffs? I thought they were supposed and we're supposed to be good now for like 3 seasons? What's going on there? I think the team is decent and they have some excellent members and players, but maybe some questionable moves and yada yada mixed in with some poor luck in a almost always competitive conference is getting them the wrong way! Will be interesting to see who the league chooses to replace bird-YLONEN at the end of the season. Enjoy your retirement from the chaos. 


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