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Well this season has been a thriller from the beginning and continues to be just that, a thriller. We, the LA Stars, have lost a few in a row and now have won a few. The roller coaster ride just never ends. With just 14 games left, at the time of this article, we are within striking distance of a couple of teams ahead of us. We will give it our all to move up and have a proper showing in the playoffs. Now if we could just keep the teams ahead of us from winning, we would have a much easier time.


We have a few tricks up our sleeves yet to be revealed. One of them has something to do with hiring Tonya Harding's husband. Not sure how that would go but if it works, I am good with it. I think our whole team has set personal highs. Standouts are of course Letang and Stamen. Really good to see them playing a good honest game with good results.


The LA Stars might not be on anyone's short list to win the cup but we are going to give it our all to reach that goal. The team really wants to send Alex off with a cup. A fitting end to an amazing team mate.

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