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Malmo- Who could land an award this year?


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        With a couple of awards already looking set and stone, I figured I would write an article about the potential awards players from Malmo could win this year. The Nighthawks have been on an offensive mission all season, and they sit 1st in the league with the most goals for, not to mention the best goal differential in the league as well. When you think of awards for individual players on Malmo, the first 2 names that pop into my head are probably Odinsson and Telker. that doesn't mean those are the only 2 players with potential for an award this year, showing just how much depth, and how good of a season Malmo have had. I'll be going over a few players who could win awards from Malmo this year.


Odinsson And Telker

        It may be hard to actually go over every potential award these two could win this year, simply because it could end up being a lot of trophies. They are both in the runnung for the Kevin Brooks trophy (top regular season goal scorer), and it would be hard to imagine either of them losing out to this by the end of the season. The Mike Szatkowski trophy (top points in regular season), is one that either of them could possibly win, but Odinsson has a slight edge over Telker in both trophies so far. It would be hard to imagine Odinsson not winning the most improved player award. Another award that I think both Odinsson and Telker will be in the running for is the most outstanding VHL player award, and like I've said from previous awards with these two, I'd be surprised if its another name besides them. I would say the exact thing about the MVP award as well for both of them. See what I mean about how I could talk about these guys and awards for a while?


Other Possibilities

        Another player, or should I say goaler in the running is Tretiak. The Aidan Shaw trophy (best VHL goaler) is not an easy trophy to win, with plenty of goalers over the years feeling deserving of the award. I don't think this award is a lock for Tretiak by any means, but he has the most wins, shutouts, shots against, and he's top 10 in Save% and GAA to boot. If that isn't at least a candidate for this award, then I don't know what is. I think our very own GM could be up for GM of the year award. He brought Malmo up from a rebuilding team into a contending powerhouse that is built not only for the now, but the future as well. I think all of us Nighthawks can agree that without Hylands, we wouldn't be in this position today. It's not often that I get the privilege of writing about a team getting potentially this many awards. As for playoff specific awards, almost anything could go down. But Malmo certainly have the potential to get individual awards like that as well. 


Thats all she wrote, 506 words besides this sentence! 


@hylands @BOOM @Molholt best of luck to any of us, or any other Nighthawk that happens to get an award!

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