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New award idea


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Alright so since the theme for this seasons theme week is Vhl awards and everyone is doing media spots on who is getting what reward ive decided to make my own unique take on it, a brand new award!

And its called the:


The bad of the bad award

 This award could go about in two different ways, one of them is that the worst player (point wise) in the forward, defense and goalie position (goalie based on S%) from the whole league will have their VHLF points calculated and compared.  As the name suggests the player with the lowest amount of points will be awarded the trophy, the other is the same concept but its not the 3 worst player from the entire league but the 3 worst players in every team.  


As the name suggests this is the reward for the worst of the worst players in the league, ussually the rookies first year on a cup contending team as the players TPE is almost guranteed the worst in the team.  but now GM's and other people that try to find wrongs in me will ask "Oh you poopie brain, why should we humilliate the rookies so they get flamed for being bad?" and because of that there is a twist!  the player who is awarded this award actually wants to get it, why? you may ask again.  Thats because the winner gets to claim 10 free uncapped tpe, this makes being bad in the VHL actually competetive instead of having to wait 3 seasons to not get line minutes stolen from you by superstars who try hard and buy uncapped tpe every week.  


Another catch with this is that if you have won it once in your career and you win it again as the same player you get 5 additional uncapped tpe for free.  Doing that might be the hardest thing to do in the league as you at some point have to claim at least 1 tpe to not get your player ruled as inactive, and even if you only claim 1 tpe every time you have to there is still new competition in the new rookies who also are going for quite possibly the hardest VHL award ever.


And to not get this suggestion get ruled out as bad because you earn a free 10 tpe for not being good at claiming tpe and even further minimising the chance of the same player winning it in a row you have to be a team player and do at least 3 press conference's to make your AGM feel appreciated (#tpeforAGM's).


All throught I think that this is a marvelous idea to make the rookies more engaged to the league in their first couple of seasons when they are no where near competing with the people who have been in the league for a while with 1000 plus tpe.


504 amount of words and claiming for the 22/8 (I think, I really dont know what month number it is) 

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