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Idea for new trophies

Baby Boomer

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Hello everyone,


As you may know, this week was theme week and we needed, in any possible way, to talk about the VHL awards. There are a lot of possible subjects about the VHL awards and I decided to talk about some new rewards that the league could add. So that it would be more fun to do point tasks, supplemental point tasks and even participate in the fantasy zone.


Here are the trophies and their names:


1. the Fantasy Master’s Trophy


A lot of people do the VHL Fantasy Zone and the VHLM Fantasy Zone and I think that everyone loves the idea. Plus, it's free TPE, it does not take long to do and you don’t have to do a lot of things to have TPE. Each week you won uncapped TPE depending on if you guest right the winners of four games and the score of one of them. However, I think that there should be a leaderboard with the players who have won the most uncapped TPE. At the end of the season, the player with the most who should win the Fantasy Master’s Trophy.


2. the Media Spots Champion


I don't really feel comfortable doing podcasts, because I don't really know what to talk about and my spoken english ( and writing ) is not really good. In addition, I just literally don’t know how to do graphics, so I just don’t do them. For my part, I only do media spots for my point tasks, because I really love to write and it is really nice when people give you positive feedback about your articles, but I don't feel like there is enough meaning about these point tasks other than the TPE you earn. This is why I think that the most read articles should win the Media Spots Champion.


3. the Best Graphic of the Season Trophy


As I said in the previous paragraph, I don't do graphics for my point tasks, because I don't know how to do one, but sometimes, just for fun, I go see some in the forum and I am always very impressed how some of them are really beautiful and well done. I really think that some people put in a lot of effort and I don't think that the effort is fairly well rewarded. This is why I think that at the end of the season the five most beautiful graphics (decided by the league) will be put in a poll and all the players across the league will vote for the best graphics and the player who did it will win the Best Graphic of the Season Trophy.


I honestly don’t even know if these ideas can work and if it is possible to create these trophies, but i really think that the Point Tasks and the Fantasy Zone should be more recognized by the league and by the other players.


Thanks for considering my idea (I hope to see the trophies in the next VHL awards ceremony) and have a great day.

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16 - 22 august

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