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Nils Godlander and the Christian Stolzschweiger trophy.


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Nils Godlander


Nils Godlander Right Winger currently playing for the Minnesota Storm in the VHLM. Nils Godlander currently has 7 goals and 10 assists for 17 points in 20 games. Nils is trying to make good impression for teams in this upcoming draft. Nils has had a dream of playing in the VHL since he was little and is currently working really hard to achieve this goal, Nils has always been told he could make this dream happen from Coaches, Friends, Family and even old teammates. Nils has also really wanted to win the Christian Stolzschweiger trophy when he gets into the VHL he knows there is lots of amazing young talent that he will be up against but he is up for the challenge.


The Christian Stolzschweiger trophy is awarded to the top rookie in the VHL at the end of the season. it was named after Christian Stolzschweiger after he had the greatest rookie season ever with 140 points and was named league MVP. Christian Stolzschweiger retired after a 574 game career with 449 goals and a total of 912 points Christian Stolzschweiger averaged 1.5 points per game!



Christian Stolzschweiger recent winners


S78 Winner

Hard Markinson - Moscow Menace

72 Games Played 10 Goals 46 Assists 56 Points 0.77 Points Per Game Average


In Season 78 the top 5 Rookies were


Hard Markinson - Moscow Menace

72GP 10G 46A 56P 0.77PPG


Jan Hlozek - Riga Reign

72GP 14G 36A 50P 0.69PPG


Tui Sova - Malmo Nighthawks

72GP 8G 32A 40P 0.55PPG


Luc Tessier - HC Davos Dynamo

72GP 18G 19A 37P 0.51PPG


Barron Kruulenstien - Vancouver Wolves

72GP 4G 33A 37P 0.51PPG


In Season 78 the rookies were all scattered around on different teams but Hard Markinson Had a good season and got himself some hardware.






S77 Winner

 Duncan Idaho - Moscow Menace

72 Games Played 29 Goals 30 Assists 59 Points 0.81  Points Per Game Average.


In Season 77 The top 5 Rookies were
Paul Astreides - Moscow Menace

72GP 31G 31A 62P 0.86PPG


Duncan Idaho - Moscow Menace

72GP 29G 30A 59P 0.81PPG


Philip Stein - Moscow Menace

72GP 10G 46A 56P 0.77PPG


Javad Kamkar - Vancouver Wolves

72GP 8G 45A 53P 0.73PPG


Brendan Telker - Malmo Nighthawks

72GP 24G 26A 50P 0.69PPG


In Season 77 Moscow was the team with the strong rookie class having Paul Astreides, Duncan Idaho and Philip Stein. Sadly the Moscow Menace didn't make the playoffs they finished 8th in the European Conference and 15th Overall.


S76 Winner

Red Lite - New York Americans

72 Games Played 39 Goals 41 Assists 80 Points 1.1 Points Per Game Average.


In Season 76 The top 5 rookies were

Red Lite - New York Americans

72 GP 39G 41A 80P 1.1PPG


Linus Zetterstrom - Riga Reign

72GP 16G 58A 74P 1.02PPG


Cabe Mcjake - Riga Reign

72GP 36G 37A 73P 1.01PPG


Dominic Gobeil - Prague Phantoms

72GP 26G 45A 71P 0.98PPG


Justin Lose - Riga Reign

72GP 23G 41A 64P 0.88PPG


In season 76 Riga Reign had a very strong rookie class having Linus Zetterstrom, Cabe Mcjake and Justin Lose. Riga Ended up finishing 5th in the European Conference and 9th overall. Riga Reign ended up losing to the Prague Phantoms in the first round 3-1. Red Lite Ended up putting up a good enough season despite being on the New York Americans who got 7th in the North American Conference and 14th Overall.



S75 Winner

L - Chicago Phoenix

72GP 14 Goals 46 Assists 60 Points 0.83 Points Per Game Average


In Season 75 the top 5 Rookies were


Rhynex Entertainment - New York Americans

72GP 35G 54A 89P 1.23PPG


Gary Rush - New York Americans

72GP 36G 49A 85P 1.18PPG


Nicholas Sunderbrunch - Toronto Legion

72GP 27G 47A 74P 1.02PPG


Leo Strauss - Toronto Legion

72GP 25G 46A 71P 0.98PPG


L - Chicago Phoenix

72GP 14G 46A 60P 0.83PPG


In season 75 New York and Toronto both had a couple of super solid players but Chicago had L in the top 5 who ended up taking home the Trophy. Chicago Ended up making the 3rd round of the playoffs and L had 6G 9A 15P.

Sadly the New York Americans didn't end up making the playoffs they were 8th in the North American conference and 16th overall and the Toronto Legion didn't make the playoffs either they were 6th in the North American divison and 12th overall. 


S74 Winner

Dakota Lamb - Warsaw Predators

72 Games Played 43 Goals 47 Assists 90 Points 1.25 Points Per Game Average


In Season 74 the top 5 rookies were


Dakota Lamb - Warsaw Predators

72GP 43G 47A 90P 1.2PPG


John Merrick - Toronto Legion

72GP 38G 46A 84P 1.16PPG


Victor Grachev - Warsaw Predators

72 GP 16G 57A 73P 1.01PPG


Matty Socks - Chicago Phoenix

72GP 26G 45A 71P 0.98PPG


Alec Volchenkov - London Untited

72GP 16G 53A 69P 0.95PPG


In season 74 The Warsaw Predators had to fantastic players Dakota Lamb and Victor Grachev. Dakota Lamb put up an Amazing 43 Goals and 90 points! Grachev also put up 73 points. The Warsaw Predators got 7th in the European Conference and 14th overall which wasnt enough to get them into the playoffs but Dakota Lamb still picked up the trophy.


S73 Winner

Chris Hylands - Warsaw Predators

72 Games Played 34 Goals 42 Assists 76 Points 1.05 Points Per Game Average


In Season 73 the top 5 Rookies were


Chris Hylands - Warsaw Predators

72GP 34G 42A 76P 1.05PPG


Adam Syreck - Chicago Phoenix

72GP 33G 40A 73P 1.01PPG


Lucas Brandt - Moscow Menace

72GP 36G 32A 68P 0.94PPG


Squirrely dan- Chicago Phoenix

72GP 29G 39A 68P 0.94PPG


James Rose - London united

72GP 21G 42A 63P 0.87PPG


In season 73 Lucas Brandt was the only one out of the 5 of these players to play playoff hockey he only had 3 points in 5 games played. Chris Hylands didnt get to play any playoff hockey as his team only got 7th in the European Conference and 14th overall.






I think Nils Godlander really has a shot at winning the Christian Stolzschweiger trophy he will just have to keep working and getting better just like all of these past winners did He has great people supporting him and helping him anyway they can.




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