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Talking about a recent suggestion I made


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So we all know it's theme week or at least the end of theme week and as a bonus we had the suggestion thread where we could get 3 bonus TPE for sharing ideas basically. One of the ideas I put out there was a sort of off week, no not like getting a free week from the perk you can buy in the store but rather a week where we can talk about something else. Listen, I love hockey and I know a lot of people here do, some I'm sure live and breath hockey here but I'm sure there are those of us who start to feel dragged down my it when we "need" to talk about it weekly. Now I say that in quotes because you could always just not do anything but some of us can't help ourselves and feel the need to cap out every week.


The suggestion is simple, it could be once a season or once every other season where we can do a media spot or article or graphic that is none hockey related and claim for it. For graphics and media spot's I think a limit could be in place for them if you don't want me people getting four weeks off of them but again it would only be once in a while. Another option would be that it can be done during the off season of the NHL, I think a lot of people start to loose some interest in hockey related things when the NHL isn't playing so you could have it be something that's just done once in that mid June to late September period. I know there are other things I would love to write about but I can only muster so much energy into before I wanna do something else, so even keeping up with MS's can be difficult for me. Anyway, that is all.

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