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The most dominate trophy winner ever in the VHLM in one season (theme week)


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So for anyone who's read my before and since media spots you'll know I'm currently doing Toronto's back to back season 64 and 65 cup wins and in my first part I talked about a player named Adam Warlock. Adam Warlock had the most insane season in the VHLM, I'm talking god tier numbers he was putting up, points that more than doubled many other 100 point scorers. Let's warm up to this a little bit shall we? Warlock played 21 games in Season 56 and put up 5 points, 2 goals and 3 assists. I would say that's not bad at all in just 21 games. Season 57 he takes a huge jump up to 77 points, so in his first full VHLM season he's already playing above a point per game. 31 goals and 46 assists, he had 229 shots on net, 4 game winners and 18 power play goals.


Now after hearing all of that what would be your guess for his third season in the VHLM? Maybe a little over 100 points? Maybe around 125? Well Warlock didn't double his points, he tripled them and then some. He had 255 points!! 255!! He scored a mind boggling 113 goals and had 142 assists! His shots were through the roof to as he put almost 900 on net! Being just 6 shy at 894. He scored about 45% of his goals on the power play, scoring 47 on the man advantage and also had 9 game winners. Now I know his points, goals and assists aren't the all time records but his season was kind of the last big one, for instance we haven't seen a player in the M score 200 points since Warlock in S58 (Penisson was one point away of achieving it in S71), in fact only two players have come within 100 points of his 255. And if we look back before S58 the last 200 point season was in S39, so what I think I can safely say is that Warlocks is the best in modern VHL, if we count S58 as modern.


Let's stop there though, we haven't talked about how many awards he won! He won 5 individual awards plus the cup. Alexander Chershenko Trophy, Ryan Sullivan Trophy, Ethan Osborne Trophy, Mitch Higgins Trophy, and the Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy all went to his personal trophy case. Looking at the Boomchenko trophy which is given to the player with most assists, I only found one other player on the list with more assists and that was Jack Ryan back in season 42 with 145, so Warlock wasn't far behind. When looking at the list of Alexander Chershenko Trophy winners Warlocks 113 goal season was the first 100 goal season since season 42 winner Vogon Jeltz with his 128, and again no one has even reached 100 since Warlock. The closest players have come are 77 goals, which two players have done, Richard Penisson in S71 and Theodore Hoffman in s76. The point I'm making here is that Warlock was the the most dominate trophy winner in the modern era, really since roughly the early S40's. His season stands out so much in the last 35 seasons as that miracle run, a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Something we still may not see for a long long time.


(word count 558, claiming for August 22nd and theme week)

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I wasn't aware that goals on the minors ever got that high, so it's good to learn something new every day. As is, it's a solid piece with such a subject and you get the point across pretty well overall. I think you might've forgotten one or two commas there though and I also think the title was supposed to be dominating instead of dominate. Still, not gonna lie, I dig it as is. 7.5/10.

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