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Who's Your MVP (through 60ish games)?


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Through today's sims, teams generally range from 59-61 games played (with Moscow as an exception, as they've completed 63 games so far this season). And as we glance through the points, goals, and assists totals, it's clear: Los Angeles, Malmo, and Warsaw dominate the tops of most lists. As a matter of fact, Malmo has two players (#1 and #2) in points and Los Angeles has another three entries (#3, #4, and #6); Warsaw has two of the remaining five (#5, #10), with single entries for New York (Red Lite), Vancouver (Jivere Zolnek) and Chicago (Julian Nousiainen) rounding out the top ten in points.


Malmo's duo in particular have a pretty solid lead on the others, as they're also the league's goal leaders (Odinsson has 51, Telker 49). And while that's great for establishing candidates for most outstanding player and a goal lead -- as #3 is a solid 4 goals from Telker -- that doesn't help us determine who's most valuable to their team. Were the season to end today, would Odinsson's and Telker's successes throughout the season damage their respective claims to MVP?


Similarly, would Letang, Merrick, and Stamen get in each others' ways -- and would the same apply to Dear and Lamb? Would our shortlist include Lite, Zolnek, and Nousiainen, who are each over a dozen points away from Odinsson's 112-point tally but without another top ten point player to share the spotlight?


Or alternatively, would Letang as the lone defenseman in the top ten, #3 overall, and #1 among his scoring-happy team take the lead for a possible MVP?


Is there a two-way player you'd take over the lot discussed here? Does maybe Zamboni Driver's 0.924 SV% (#1 among goalies with 40+ games) and 2.67 goals against per game (#1 among goalies with 40+ games) take the cake instead? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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