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Tucker Surging Ahead in PIM Race, And Other Stuff


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As we’ve said many times before, Henry Tucker is having a breakout season. The 3rd year player has 62 points (28 G on 327 shots, 34 A) in 60 games to go with 25 shots blocked, 5 game winners, 4 power play goals, a shootout goal, and 210 hits. However, what he’s been absolutely pumped about is his 4-1-3 fight record, and his league leading 192 penalty minutes, which beats 2nd place player Tanky by 18 minutes. He also is tied for the league lead with 40 PIM from major penalties and 8 fights. When asked about how he felt, knowing that the title was almost certainly his, Tucker responded…


”I’m obviously really pumped to have the PIM title, but I’m disappointed that I haven’t been been able to get to first in fight wins. I want to improve that in the future, honestly. I’m also trying to get us into the playoffs, that’s really important to me.”


Vanny is miraculously still in the playoff race, sitting 5 points out with 10 to go, perhaps they can pull it together for the home stretch, squeak into the playoffs, and win it all? Doubtful, but whatever.


In the meantime, Henry has become very bored with all the fame that comes with being the PIM leader, so he’s decided to help out in the community. And he took some risks. Most prominently, travelled to Haiti after the earthquakes to provide some assistance in between games. 

That’s it for tonight, see y’all next week maybe?


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