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Jonathan Ori-Rookie experience


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Jonathan Ori

Center | 6'2" | 205 pounds

VHLM: Drafted 9th overall by the Minnesota Storm in S78

VHL: Drafted 8th overall by the Helsinki Titans in S79


There is always a level of nervousness when you enter any new league, even as a kid you are the rookie, the new guy, it's easy for the weight of the world to be felt on your shoulders. Having come from the BCHL where I was the best player by far to the VHLM was still stressful and made me nervous. Even players here are a lot better than they were in the BCHL. Now here in the VHL I feel the pressure. However in some ways I don't feel it as much as other rookies perhaps. While I am giving it my all every shift joining a team in a rebuild means there's much less pressure from the fans, yes I know they want to see me preform but they understand it's my first season and that the team is rebuilding, they know I'm not going to carry this team to the playoffs. The loosing sucks no doubt, especially as rookie and when I came from a winning team that went to the finals, but there is joy in joining a team the is forming a new identity, and I'm lucky enough to be that first new player, that first new face to single the start of the build up. There's still one or two more rough seasons for us ahead but I know great things lay ahead as well. Knowing where the team is at I know my points will be low, likely just in the 20 point range. Not what I want but it's just the reality. I am working to at least finish above a 50% face off win percentage.



I'm mostly excited to be jumping into the VHL right away and joining the Titans but with the state of the team you know it's gonna be rough. It's hard to keep our head up when we know we are simply out powered by every other team. We all play our heart out and there's no name calling but we understand the situation, we are a growing team and it's hard for those veterans who know they will be on the move by the end of this season or next season. In the locker room we mange some jokes and laughs, things are by no means bad between us the players or with management it's just the tough reality we're stuck in. It was one thing I knew I wouldn't look forward to.....  but I wouldn't change coming up either, it's still worth it to be here.


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