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A boy from Zeeland and Mid-Season Award Chasing


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Black bold lines are from Sunrise.

Green bold lines are from Sunrise's Spanish teacher and new friend, Luz.


Luz sat on a dark comfy couch, one of the latest additions she managed to sneak into Sunrise's place - to which he complained quite much about - while watching the sports news. She seemed ecstatic to see Sunrise on the news, given the Mexico City player had been on the race for the award of Most Goals Scored, named after Alexander Chershenko. While the portly man that did the talking about hockey blew through his lines with the speed of a freight train running over a doll filled with feathers, she could gather the most important bits about it: Sunrise was 5th, one goal behind Saskatoon's Kyle Peace and a mere six goals away from the minors' current leader, Bryn Yrwy out of Halifax. As the news then went on to talk about the latest soccer crisis - some scuffle in the Mexican Football Federation and businessmen from Veracruz - she rolled off the couch, landing near Sunrise, who was once again studying.


"Hey, Sunrise! Did you hear the news?" She asked, a little smile opening on the corner of her mouth. Sunrise lowered the book he held, looking at her with curiosity. "Not really... I was more focused on this History book. What's going on?" He feigned innocence, something the girl easily caught him on, whacking him with a pillow. "Alright, alright, I give. I'm aware that I've been doing well, Luz..." he replied with peaceful eyes in spite of the hit before adding, "but my focus is really getting my team more wins, if I happen to be the top goalscorer of the minors, that's good too but not essential."


"Aw, look at you. All mature and proud, eh?" Luz chuckled, sitting near him. "You should be pretty happy still, it's not every day the news talk about singular hockey players on that channel." The blonde let out a chuckle, his back lowered onto bed with a grin on his face. "Guess so. Man, can you imagine if I actually win the Chershenko after all? Schubbekuteveen's article on Wikipedia might actually get a second paragraph!" That made the girl raise an eyebrow, observing his silly smile. "...You know, that would also make you a more famous guy. That's usually pretty good, is it not?" That didn't seem to register with him. "...Perhaps so, aye."


"Are you just... unselfish?" Luz asked with a serious look on her face, to which Sunrise only nodded before getting back his book. "I mean... awards are nice and fun but I think I prefer having the team win a prize instead. I dunno if I get anything besides a shiny plaque if I win an award, after all." Luz sighed, sitting on his bed, her feet waving back and forth while she remained somewhat frustrated from his reply. "Come on, Sunrise, can't you at least try to win the award? For me?"


He tilted his head, a little blush on his face. "...Well, if the others stop scoring, sure." She facepalmed, grumbling heavily while Sunrise went back to his book, peaceful as usual.

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