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VHL Superlative Awards


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As some of you may know, I created my own unofficial awards that I hand out at the end of every year in an awards ceremony. One of the main reasons I created the awards was to highlight some players who might not receive any recognition otherwise. To make my life easier, the awards I created for that ceremony are all objective. Meaning they’re all based on actual statistics in STHS. That means all I have to do is look at the index for a category and boom, the winner is right there.


Those awards are great and all, but there’s an entirely separate category of awards that hasn’t been touched yet, subjective awards. Subjective awards are given out based on what people think, not based on cold, hard statistics. (I’m sure the cynics are making a joke, while isn’t that just the official VHL awards?)

I propose we come up with some subjective award categories and then have the whole league vote on who should win them. I raided some old high school yearbooks for some of these categories. In the high school yearbook parlance, they're known as superlative awards. I would love to hear additional categories you can come up with.


Here’s some suggestions to start us off:


Most Likely to Succeed – One of the all-time classic yearbook awards can work in the VHL universe as well. Nominees would be first-gen VHLM players.

Biggest Flirt – There’s a thin line between flirting and being in horny jail. Who can toe that line the best? Who has the best pickup lines in the league?

Class Clown – Who can cause an entire locker room to laugh hysterically? They’re the nominees we’d want for this category.

Best Dressed – Who has the finest threads in the VHL? We could probably use player graphic signatures to figure out who to nominate. Or even better, people post pictures of their players in great looking outfits to get nominated.

Most Unique – When it comes down to it, aren’t we all unique? But these nominees are more unique than others and one is most unique.

Best Name – With so many great names in the VHL we should be ashamed of ourselves that this award doesn’t already exist.

Best Hair – This is a lot like the Best Dressed category except for hair.

Best Dancer – This might be the toughest to figure out, because we don’t see our players move. But still, I feel like this is a good category to have and we should be able to make it happen.

Most Likely to be Late to a Game – Pretty self-explanatory one here. If it were possible, who would be late to a game?

Most Likely to Become a Motivational Speaker – Sometimes the team needs a great pep talk. Who the best motivator in the VHL?

Most Likely to be on a Reality Show – Let’s face it some people are born to star in reality TV. Who in the VHL world best fits that description?

Best Singer – Maybe a little like the best dancer category, but maybe we could actually hear people sing through voice chat on Discord. If that doesn’t work out, we can just nominate random people and vote.


I’m throwing these out as suggestions because I don’t think there’s a way I could pull off these awards on my own. I think there would need to be a fair amount of collaboration to be able to pick nominees and then to have voting happen. I guess I’m just throwing this idea out there and see if anyone wants to run with it. Maybe it’s not worth doing anyway, but I had fun coming up with some categories. Who knows, maybe some day I’ll expand the unofficial awards to include some of my favorites from here.

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