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So for my last minute theme week idea I’m actually still thinking we need a better sim engine then STHS... yes I’m bringing this into play. Why you might ask me? CAUSE STHS SUCKS. Cowboy Prout S N U B B E D !! . Now now as we all know in this community that there’s a specific trophy that’s hard to value on what to look for in the voting process and I think it’s time we consider some things into play for the Jack Wylde. 





Now I know Dil wrote a script for give aways and take aways and quite honestly I think this could help in the voting process. I think STHS sucks for these type of things when we look at stats and teams/ other player builds but the meta is quite boring imo and it’s time for a new sim engine to fix things. I think scrpts like Dil created are way to late and that’s not knocking what he did cause I think it’s something we should be using and is useful. I just think a overall sim engine that we get different stats and better builds instead of the same meta. The meta doesn’t create a build for things like a Jack Wylde winner. Like the Defencemen on Van stuck on a bottom end team around 500 tpe getting crazy defensive stat numbers cause he’s getting big minutes on a bottom end team sooo STHS decides HE A CRAZY GOOD FUCKING D MAN THAT DESERVES TO BE HALL OF FAME STATUS LEVEL OF DEFENSIVE AWARD NOMINATIONS CAUSE FUCK YOU AND THIS IS THE META!





Ok so now that part is over....  I think we could consider different ways and maybe a more public vote to see what things should be considered at the time there’s votes for example... if player B has a slightly better defensive stats then player A but he’s on a shit team and we either could use Dils script for turn over ratios to compare or see maybe Player B could be actually better with less turnovers and just might get effected by STHS and just on a good team. I think the teams status on where they are in standings should be considered and here’s my next thing I want to get removed from having a bigger impact then it should be. Checking for a defensive award.



This bothers me still. As much I understand we don’t have much room to work with STHS I think just cause someone checks a lot shouldn’t be getting a defensive award. Sure maybe a little bit of results should be considered but checking can happen anywhere on the Ice and to be honest we use this stat to heavy to weigh in on the voting process. 

So my end goal

Use Dils scripts for now (if he can maintain and keep up) - and would also be kind enough to keep going for time being 


- could those script ways be a league job if Dil doesn’t want that responsibility and could create some small league involvement for a couple jobs? 



- NEW SIM ENGINE FOR THE BETTER GOOD. Something I don’t know... useful and updated that won’t have a big meta like current STHS has. 




There now give tpe for theme week bitches cowboy out. Cowboy Prout has been affected by STHS for Jack Wylde.



(560 something words) 

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