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All over the place with this one and I have so many ideas but so little time to expand on every one of them despite never winning anything, luckily I have been nominated several times during this career. Here's a quick breakdown of my favorite awards, winners and any ideas I could come up with to spice things for the future. We'll start off with my


favorite awards..

Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy

     Mostly based off the fact this is won by the rookie player who grinds the most and applies their attributes properly along the way, this is one of my favorite awards, the other side to this is the luck factor because you need to be drafted to a team that's top six minutes and have STHS in your favor most of the season. You never know who will win it! The only downside to this trophy is the fact that you need a good group of earners to make it interesting because the pool is usually small. 


Dustin Funk Trophy

   The most improved award is also one of my favorites, It means a lot to players to receive a thumbs up and to know they've made it to a respectable level, should only make them want to continue to maintain the things they've learnt. We all look for improvements during our careers and again it's up in the air! You can't easily predict the winner for this.


Fredrik Elmebeck Memorial Trophy

     It's voted on by anybody on the site for whoever they choose and the list is usually long so a lot of names get mentioned. This is won by a person who helped the most during that particular season and I think this is a great way to thank somebody for their hard work, having it public only adds to the hype.


and now my favorite winners..

Condor Adrienne

It's easy to think of one dominate name during my time on here and that's' defenseman Adrienne who took home a couple of shelves of trophies, it was his final season that lifted his name above some of the greats as we all witnessed him get nominated for almost every award and take home the Sterling Labatte, Alexander Beketov, Alexander Valiq and the Continental Cup but the highlight of all his awards has to be winning the Jack Wylde and the Valiq trophy three times. When I re-created he was the player I wanted to be someday and I knew if I could possess just his offensive side my time in the VHL would be joyful, truly an inspiration to any new member even if they don't reach the heights of this phenomenal specimen.


Mikko Lahtinen

     Another favorite of mine has to be fellow countryman Lahtinen, I had a chance to play with him in London and once again his build made me go another route with mine. His build changed the game for every team he was on and his all-round mentality made it hard for any goaltender or player to figure out what he was doing next on the ice. He won the Scott Boulet three seasons in a row for being the best two-way forward as well as winning the Brett Slobodzian (outstanding player) and Scotty Campbell (most valuable player) twice, making him one of the best to ever do it in my eyes.


Rayz Funk

     Rayz Funk deserves a mention as well and although he may not have had the best numbers, the consistency and never give up attitude makes him stand out from the rest of the goaltenders during my time on the site. He went to the Continental Cup finals a whopping four times and took it home during all four of those attempts as well being named the most valuable player during those wins, earning himself a permanent spot on the Daisuke Kanou winner list. Also, I remember Funk was the first and only goaltender I wanted to choose during fantasy because I knew he was good for the points so that's another reason.


Lastly, my random award ideas to wrap things up..

     I don't have many ideas and a few of them already exist after looking but we should have an assist award for the goaltenders, why not? It's usually a very close race and any goaltender can get it! Could even combine it with shutouts and add an outstanding goaltender award for the player who had the best highlights during the season. Another random idea to add to the whole scheme of things would be another league vote for an award, always nice to feel involved and making a difference even if it's just one more trophy.. Also noticed the VHLM doesn't have many awards so that could also be freshened up with some new and existing awards to build a little more excitement for the newcomers.


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