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The Most Satisfying Feeling

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Each user's VHL journey is littered with plenty of great memories, from locker room experiences, important individual accomplishments, among others. Mine was no different in S72; I had a few memories of getting drafted and going on a playoff run with Mississauga in the VHLM. However, a new memory was created that season, and it immediately was underlined, highlighted and bolded on the timeline of my VHL career. That was when I won my first (and only) Continental Cup with the Riga Reign. We had a great group led by captain @Renomitsu as Apollo Hackett, assistant captain and HOFer @Tate as Lincoln Tate, and @Greg_Di as MVP goalie Greg Eagles. I still haven't yet reached that same high of winning the cup since S72, and that motivates me even today to help my team win it again.


"Free Puck Retrieved by Will Clarke for Riga Reign. Pass to Apollo Hackett. Shot by Apollo Hackett. Shot Misses the Net. Free Puck Retrieved by Kyl Oferson for Riga Reign. Shot by Kyl Oferson. Goal by Kyl Oferson - Riga Reign : 4 - Calgary Wranglers : 3."


Propelled by this overtime winner, the Riga Reign locker room exploded into joyous madness. Alumni were popping in to congrajulate our group, and the whole vibe of the place was sensational. We were able to send our beloved captain into retirement with a ring, and add another championship to the Reign's decorated history. We had a good regular season, but nothing that would have made the postseason results to be expected. We stormed through the competition, with no series going longer than 5 games. 


There is a reason why the Continental Cup is so highly coveted in this community. The individual awards are nice, but nothing compares to being in that locker room when it erupts into a frenzy of excitement and joy. You get to create and share a memory with the others on your team, and you can look back on it months or years later with glee. There are so many VHL awards to get excited for, but I guarantee you that none of them will make you feel the same way a Continental Cup will.


It is my biggest career goal with Nils Tallinder to bring a cup to a Calgary team that has been so close for so long. The people in that organization deserve to have their names etched in VHL history, and I would love to experience the feeling of a victory like that again. This season, we have no clear holes on our team, and the regular season has treated us pretty well. Now, the playoffs aren't as simple as that though. We will need the perfect storm of TPE earning across the board from players, line combos from the management, and belief in ourselves. At the end of the day, it is all worth it in the moments of finding out you've won it all.


So in the spirit of VHL awards as a topic, I have chosen to talk about the most important one of all - the Continental Cup. Hopefully our reunion comes soon, but I will be working hard to be the best player I can be for my team come playoff time.

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