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The Summary of Jared Spaz


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It’s been a while since I’ve created anything, partly because I’ve felt really burnt out hence why I took about three seasons off since Spaz played his final game in Helsinki, but hey I’m back now let’s see if I can muster up a good article. I felt as if I never game Spaz a good retirement article so that's what I'm going to do for today before I start to focus on Tobais Reinhart.


Jared Spaz ended his career with Helsinki after five seasons scoring 126 career goals, 127 career assists, for a total of 253 points in 360 games .Spaz’s best season came in his final season (s75) scoring 36 goals (career high), 38 assists for 74 points in 72 games. Spaz would only hit a point per game one other time in his career which would be in season 73 when he would score 34 goals, 39 assists (career high) for 73 points in 72 games. Playoff wise was more successful as he would make the playoffs four of the five seasons, and have a point per game in three of the five including making an appearance to the Victory cup finals twice in season 73 and season 74, falling short to Seattle and Vancouver. In the playoffs Spaz would have 17  goals, 26 assists, for 43 points in 48 games played. Spaz was very disciplined with only 42 career penalties in the regular season and 8 in the playoffs.


Spaz was drafted 8th overall by Helsinki and Philadelphia, he would always show signs of potential and could not capitalize when it mattered most, I remember when he was first drafted it raised some eyes wondering if Jubo had reached. Personally I would have to agree, a very inconsistent player that I believe would’ve been a great late first round to early second round pick.. 


So where the hell is Spaz now?

He spends most of his time in Italy with his mother, he doesn’t see his father much since his playing days in Philadelphia as he is still traveling around the world for his job, but rumor has been said that he will be retiring soon, and joining Spaz and his mother. Spaz’s dream was to join the NHL but when interviewed has stated that he hasn’t given up on the dream to join the league, but he’s done playing he would like to get a coaching opportunity, but he knows he's going to have to work his way up to the league and he’s willing to climb that mountain. Spaz was also asked if he has had any opportunities into any coaching or management experiences, He replied with “ I may have a upcoming job with the new addition to the VHL, as most know the VHLE will begin next season and a ton of job opportunities will be arising, and I may have an opportunity with the Istanbul Red Wolves as AGM but again it's not for sure and I know there are plenty of great applicants for that position I’m just excited to be in the talks and potentially come back to the league, we fill find out before the next season starts if I will get the gig”.


That is all I have for now. Hopefully I will continue to find some creativity and find something more interesting to type, it’s just nice to just be able to claim 6 tpe for what seems like forever.

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