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S79 Trivia Week 3 Answers


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1. Which of these Davos players was not a recipient of the first four Brett Slobodzian Trophies (MVP as voted by the players) ever awarded? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @animal74)

Davos used to win a ton of trophies, team and individual, but despite being a Hall of Famer, goalies were just not respected enough in the olden days so Benoit Devereux did not get the Slobo in those first 4 seasons. Full list of Slobo winners here: https://vhlportal.com/hof/awards/history/6


2. Who was the first player to win 2 consecutive Matt Bentz Trophies? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @UnkemptCL4PTP)

This questions had to be reworded slightly because Jakub Vilhjalmsson was not the first player to win the Bentz Trophy twice (although he is since it was renamed the Bentz). Samuel Grabovski (S13, S19) and Evgeni Galchenyuk (S23, S29) did it first but at different ends of their careers - Vilhjalmsson did it back to back in S59 and S60. Good for him. Out of the single-time winners, there's actually a good amount of future VHL stars: https://vhlportal.com/hof/awards/history/31

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