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A Last Minute Run?


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Marlins Need Miracle Run to Move Up


San Diego, Calif. -- Upon making moves like trading for Xavier Booberry and John Baard early in the season, the then-last place San Diego Marlins had big dreams. The first dream: Get out of the basement and into playoff position. Surprisingly, that was accomplished rather quickly, with the team getting up to eighth by 45 games into the season.


The next dream was to move up the standings to seventh or even sixth, to make a potential playoff road a bit easier. Unfortunately, though, that has turned out to be easier said than done recently. The Marlins have skidded to seven straight losses recently, including one in OT to Miami. The result has been a team that was just three points behind Halifax and within shouting distance of Las Vegas is now eight back of the 21st, with only 10 games to play.


"I do put this somewhat on myself; I feel I should have been able to steal one of those games," goalie Booberry said after the team's most recent loss to Mississauga. "I still believe in this team, but we're going to have to play near perfect the rest of the season."


Indeed, the Marlins don't have the easiest schedule down the stretch, with just one game remaining against the bottom four in the standings. But they do also have two games against Halifax and one against Las Vegas, all three essentially must-wins if the Marlins are going to make any sort of run.


"I don't think anybody expected the run we got on earlier this season either, so you can never count us out," Booberry added. "It's now that we need to show what we're made of."

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