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S79 - Fantasy Zone - Week 5


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Hey everyone. @Domg5 has stepped down from the fantasy zone to focus on Yukon 100%. I wish him the best of luck with Yukon! I will be doing the VHL fantasy as well as VHLM fantasy for the rest of the season. If the opportunity goes well then I would feel comfortable doing both. @bigALcame to me with the suggestions from the drive and we have come up with a plan for this final week of regular season fantasy zone. The VHL and VHLM fantasy zone are merging into one! You will only be able to get 5 TPE max from this. I'm also going to be trying out new questions. Please let me know if you like this new format. If not, I can change it back to the normal format. If you like this format I'd love some suggestions for questions!




90s team rocket GIF





Everyone can fill this out. VHL and VHLM players! Good luck!



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Here we go. Thank you everyone on the feedback. This is not the final format so don't worry. This was mainly a test to see how everyone reacted. I will be changing stuff again in the future.


Now for the payouts:

1 TPE:













2 TPE:










3 TPE:




4 TPE: No one :( 


5 TPE: No one :( 


Please check the responses to make sure the payout is correct. Let me know if there was any errors. Thank you! Enjoy the weekend. :) 

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