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From train wreck to unstoppable train? That is the exact situation the San Diego Marlins find themselves in with their defenseman and VHLM “Bad Boy” Vanek Lospenov.


Lospenov, who earlier this month turned into William Sherman and seemingly burnt every bridge on his way out of San Diego, has gone silent on social media and just the opposite on the ice.


On August 5, the day after Lospenov was arrested in Minneapolis, Lospenov began a firestorm of comments aimed at the Marlins and General Manager Thad Sales. Lospenov cited the team’s lack of transactions and last place standing as reasons for his discontent.


A week later, Lospenov, his agent, and his consulting agency took to Twitter and scolded The Marlins for their treatment of the 22-year old. The same day, the trio submitted a formal trade to the team, which was denied.


Tensions seemed to be boiling over as the two sides set course for separation, but after a Friday of tweeting, Lospenov fell silent.


The Marlins made a pair of trades on August 7, and the deals seemingly pleased Lospenov, who promptly repaid the Marlins with a run of form that cannot be stopped.


On August 5, Lospenov was -16 with 3 goals and a plethora of mistimed penalties. Since the trades, Lospenov has added 6 more goals, 13 assists, and dropped his plus/minus to -2.


Neither the Marlins nor Lospenov have mentioned each other since the silence began, but it is clear the message was sent and received. The only question that remains is: What was said?

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