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That Dude Commits to London


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That Dude recently made headlines (yeah right, who was paying attention) when he decided to sign a five-year contract offer from the London United. What is the significance of this? It virtually guaranteed that Dude, a third-year forward in the last of his three-year rookie contract deal, will remain with London for the remainder of his eight-year VHL career (only if he makes it that far, and only of London doesn't trade him away for an apparent upgrade). 


"London pulled the trigger on me in the S77 Draft. They could have easily gone with somebody else or traded the pick away for an apparent upgrade/other considerations, but the United organization wasted no time in adding me to their veteran-laden roster at the time. I truly appreciate that and it makes one feel wanted if you know what I mean. Then to commit to my development all those three years that we've been together. Sure, there was a period of time earlier this season where I was relegated to just the fourth-line center duties which sort of ticked me off. 


When we met with the front office, I wasted no time in sharing that thought and the organization immediately took care of it and ensured that I got more playing time and opportunities to contribute to the team success, which I know that I'm definitely capable of. Got straight back up to the second line in addition to holding on to my fourth line duties and my production has picked up. We're seemingly doing better ourselves as well, which is a welcome sign. 


So with all that said, I felt that I was ready to stay a little longer -- when the five-year deal materialized, that was something that I couldn't turn down as I've always envisioned myself as a loyal guy, a one-team kind of player unless something horribly went wrong. The organization wanted to build around me, which I greatly appreciated as well. So I'm looking forward to cementing my London legacy with a long list of achievements. Let's get it done London!" 

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