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Cameron Elsby- Left Defence -(S81) Scouting Report

Spence King

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Big, Big, BIG. What else can you say about Cameron Elsby, he is an absolute giant, the first comparison that comes to mind is Zdeno Chara who only has one inch on Elsby as it is right now. Like most young players he needs to and will get a lot bigger, absolutely not afraid of contact and will drop the mitts. Is extremely mobile for somebody his size and his untapped potential and unique physical assets are what have him being such a hot topic and considered to be drafted so high. He is a great skater but does make some very questionable decisions with and without the puck. But again, his size and skating ability are just too good to pass up. Elsby has just recently signed with the Mississauga Hounds of the VHLM making the jump from his second year in Midget with a little Junior “A” Experience under his belt up to the big leagues with players a decade older than him. There is still very little known about Cameron as of right now while Elsby is in search of a Player Agent we know hes coming from the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds U18 Program and is the younger brother Seattle Bears Defenseman Spencer Elsby


Elsby has excellent vision and playmaking ability, as well as the hockey sense to almost always make the right play. He seems to think the game and anticipate plays better than others out there on the ice. With his skating and stickhandling ability, Elsby is not afraid to skate the puck out of his zone or lead the rush. He can also make a long pass to start the transition game and start an odd-man rush. He has the passing ability and the hockey IQ to quarterback the play from the point. Elsby has the poise to make plays under pressure.


Elsby is an outstanding skater. He looks like he is floating above the ice. He has very good speed and acceleration in both directions. Cameron has a unorthodox stride, but still has the ability to change directions on a dime. He uses the outstanding speed to join the rush or to pinch in at the line. Elsby is rarely caught deep as he can still get back into position defensively thanks to that speed. His agility and footwork allow him to beat defenders one-on-one as well as to walk the line and make quick moves to open up passing and shooting lanes. Elsby has a unique center of gravity which helps his balance and makes him strong on the puck.


Elsby is also strong if not stronger in his own end of the ice. He is a smart player who reads the play well and is well positioned. His skating allows him to maintain good gap control when defending against the rush. Elsby’s size and aggressiveness in his play with a physical game in the corners and in front of the net. He is also not afraid to throw a hard hit if an attacker comes in with their head down. However, Elsby plays a disciplined game, he does not run around and get himself out of position looking for those big hits. Instead, he plays a cerebral game, looking to stop the opponent, get the puck back and start the transition game up the ice


Please Contact: VIA PM or Discord if you would like to represent Cameron Elsby as an Agent or know of someone who might 🏒

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