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VSN Presents VHLE Coverage: Team Logos and Changes, Pre-Draft Tournament/Draft Formats


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Thank you @Zetterbergfor this amazing graphic!


VHLE Coverage: Team Logos, Changes, Pre-Draft Tournament Announced, and more

“A big day for the VHLE, as Logos, Changes, and a Pre-Draft Tournament are announced, amongst others.”



On August 19th, a big announcement was made by VHLE Commissioner Victor about team logos, new changes to some teams, and a pre-draft tournament, which will be held before the inaugural S80 draft. The team logos themselves are very well done, displaying and representing the team/city very well, and are made by skilled graphic designers in the VHL community such as Zetterberg, KaleebTheMighty, and more. Enorama also made a big contribution with the team banners for all six teams. Each banner followed a similar format for the VHL(M) banners, utilizing the team’s colorway and logo in each. Fans have expressed their excitement with the developments, fawning over the logos, and realizing that their player might be in the upcoming pre-draft tournament. There is a lot of excitement and hype surrounding the VHLE, now more than ever, with so many changes and developments coming out all at once. 


Before we go further, VSN has some incredible pieces that have recently been released that I would recommend reading. From the immersive and comprehensive look at the Toronto Legion’s recent trading spree Trading Toronto by veteran writer Doomsday, to the newer writer Alex_J32 and his most recent installment of the VHLM Power Rankings. More trades to cover with the full coverage of the Season 79 Off-Season Trade Reviews from Doomsday. A fantastic look at the awards race for both the VHL and the VHLM in Alex_J32’s VSN Presents: VHL and VHLM Mid-Season Awards Race. If you want to see a VSN exclusive interview with VHLE GM’s and Commissioners, look at A Sit-Down With the New VHLE GMs and Commissioners by yours truly. 


VSN Presents: S79 VHLM Power Rankings Tracker | VSN Presents: Trading Toronto | VSN Presents: VHL and VHLM Mid-Season Awards Race |A Sit-Down With the New VHLE GM's and Commissioners Season 79 Off-Season Trade Reviews



Team Logos and Changes to Teams:


The main focus on the recent VHLE announcements is the newly released team logos, and for two teams, brand changes. The logos are originally taken directly from older teams that were previously disbanded/relocated, the same going for the team names, outside of two rebrandings. These two rebranded teams had to undergo significant brand changes as of late due to complications with the logos selected for the teams involving potential copyright infringement. To protect the VHL against such things, they decided to change the location and identity of those teams to two new and problem free options, though maintaining influence from two prior VHLM teams. The first of these, the Istanbul Red Wolves, was partially sourced from Alex_J32, fellow VSN writer. He wrote a small article on why Istanbul should have a team–mentioning how it was Europe’s largest city, and how it was located in Europe and Asia which could create storylines from Team Asia of the WJC’s recent success. Red Wolves came from both Victor’s desire to resurrect the name of the Moscow Red Wolves, an old VHLM team, and how the wolf is the country of Turkey’s national animal. Alex had even created a concept logo for the team. The logo featured a red wolf, with a red and silver color scheme; with “Istanbul Red Wolves” in big white font in a circle logo. It paved the way for the final version of the logo, along with influences from the old VHLM team, the Moscow Red Wolves. The Rome Gladiators, according to the post, was chosen due to it being one of the more popular locations on the community polls the commissioners released in June to determine teams. Taking inspiration from another old VHLM team, the Minot Gladiators, the color scheme resembles the colors of the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League. The selected logo has a gladiator in red, black, and gold within a shield-like frame with the same colors. Very clean: easy on the eyes and resembles what the team is all about well. Both of the “new” logos are very clean, display the team’s identity clearly, and have beautiful colors attached to them. I don’t have a personal favorite, as in my opinion they are all equally great.


Draft Format Announcement/Draft Tournament:


With the inaugural S80 VHLE season coming up very soon, a draft needs to happen to create the official rosters for all six teams come opening night. But how will they do it? According to the recent announcement, they will begin with a pre-draft tournament to figure out the order of the first round, and then conduct a snake draft to determine which team players are on. Snake drafts are a type of draft selection process, where the team who picked last in the round then gets the next pick to start out the next round. It moves in a snake-like order; 1-2-3-4-5-6, 6-5-4-3-2-1, so on and so forth. The pre-draft tournament is a competition between all six teams, where the GMs of each franchise select players from an available list of players who fit the criteria to be allowed in the draft. The winner of this miniature tournament will be able to select whatever pick they want in the first round of the VHLE draft, second gets second choice, etc. That tournament will be held sometime in the near future, as an official date has yet to be released to the public. I am predicting it to be held shortly after the playoffs have been finished for both leagues, maybe a week or two after. Hype is building around the tournament, as many faithful VHLers anticipate their name to be on one of the rosters for the tournament. That would also be our first official taste of VHLE action ever. Lots to be excited about in these upcoming months. 



On that note, this concludes VSN coverage on the recent VHLE developments with the team logos, changes, draft order and the pre-draft tournament. If you want to check out some other work that our fantastic crew have been putting out, the links to those pieces will be up above in the page. The hype is real in the VHL community, and especially with me. I cannot wait to cover more, but for now, that’s it folks. Have a fantastic day. 




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