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Update on my life since no one asked


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I just moved into my house for university, my classes do not start for another two weeks but I wanted to come early and for football too. I am going into my second year of university and I am so excited. My classes are all in person at the moment and they start at 8:30 earliest, end at 11:30 latest from Monday - Thursday all first semester. Then my football practices start at 4pm... so everyday I have a solid 4 hours of free time whether I want to do school work, VHL Forums, or literally anything, so I am super pumped for that. I do have an online course as well I have to keep track of but it's philosophy so how hard can it be.


I also just finished my summer job obviously since I moved away for school. Going to miss that place and the people who made it great but I was really ready to get out of there and move. I worked basically everyday so not seeing my coworkers, laughing and partying with them will be weird but at least my university friends will be moved down in about a week or less.


One thing I really love about living in a house compared to residence is the food... the cafeteria food was good for the first week, but after I realized I got freshman fifteen I hated it lol. Buying my own groceries is amazing since I can buy all healthy shit and make whatever dish I want. Cooking my own food is fun at the moment but it will probably get boring.

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