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Vinny Detroit Prospect Scouting Report


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6'8" 250 LBS





Detroit is coming to the end of his first season in the VHLM where he's show cased what he has for the league. In 67 games he has potted just 2 goals and added 5 assists for 7 points. Despite the low offensive numbers, he is a +13 on a very strong Hounds team due to all the talent up and down the lineup. Although this is not fantastic, he still has one of the best work ethics of the Season 80 Draft Class ranking in the top 3. We will have to see if his game evolves more but for now here are the pros and cons of his game:




PHYSICALITY - Vinny is one of the most physical players not only in his draft class but in the entire VHLM this season. While he only sits 9th in the league with 193 hits, much of this is due to his lack of ice time on the best team in the league where he is a depth player. Had he played on a worse team with much more minutes, you would expect him to be much higher on the leaderboard. Some say that once Detroit reaches the big leagues, he may even be the most physical player there at such a young age. 


STRENGTH - Continuing with the physicality you have to be strong to play like this and with a 6'8", 250 lb frame it's easy to see that Detroit is much more ahead in terms of strength than most players at this development stage. Being a little older helps too, but expect for him to continue getting stronger as time goes on.




OFFENSE - In all aspects of the offensive game, Vinny is what some would call a plug. He can't score goals, he can hardly carry the puck let alone stickhandle, and he's not making many tape to tape passes out there. Some would call him a black hole and line mates struggle having that kind of player on their line. As proven this season, he's not exactly a liability out there and makes up for it with other parts of his game, but it's even a wonder how he scored 2 goals this year.


DISCIPLINE - Being such a strong, physical player comes with its drawbacks as well. Vinny plays with an edge and it shows with the amount of penalty minutes he takes. Sitting 4th in the league with 132 PIMS, his team has to kill a lot of penalties because of his lack of discipline. You can judge whether the big hit momentum and tough to play against mentality is worth all the shorthanded time, but we don't see this ever changing with Detroit's game.




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